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How to choose a perfect beach gazebo for places near the water?

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7 tips to help you make up your mind about a waterproof gazebo for places near the water, that would fit your needs best.

beach gazebo

What are your needs?

  1. First you are to decide, whether you need a permanent or a demountable construction. It is clear, that a permanent structure will serve much longer, look better and cost more.
  2. How much can you afford for this purpose? The price for gazebos usually varies depending on the materials used and the performance. Here you have to clarify, what is the most important about the construction you are going for.
  3. Location. Think about where your gazebo will be set, on the seashore, on the ocean coast or simply on a river bank. Location determines many conditions, including weather.
  4. Materials are usually chosen according to style and design. You can choose special gazebo waterproof to feel safe during the rain or light feathery fabric and wooden framing to enjoy exotic ambience.
  5. Style. There are various solutions for you, starting with simple camping style alternatives and finishing with exclusive oriental performance.
  6. Color gamma. If you’re planning to rest with your family on a river bank, you should better choose green, blue or brown. These colors will perfectly match natural environment. Bright and dramatic combinations will be suitable for ocean views.
  7. There’s a wide range of ideas for a waterproof gazebo, whether you need a simple open-sided gazebo, or a waterproof gazebo with side panels and nets, or a pop up gazebo.

waterproof gazebo canopy

Choosing a beach wedding gazebo

A beach wedding gazebo can be presented by an expensive construction with luxurious decoration or a light structure with two poles only. It’s all up to your imagination. But still, it’s worth considering waterproof gazebo covers in case of bad weather conditions.

3 ideas for demountable constructions

Dutch Harbor gazebo

waterproof gazebo

It’s a hexagon with waterproof gazebo canopy. It has a canopy frame with two-level bars, which provides smart look for the roof. There are 4 decorative panels and net sides. It’s a safe construction, and it’s really easy to erect.

Yotrio Corporation Harbor gazebo

It’s a square-shaped construction which has a similar to Dutch Harbor gazebo roof design of Japanese style. But this structure is a little poorer.

waterproof pop up gazebo

Waterproof pop up gazebo

This is a construction like a simple gazebo, but it’s reinforced with additional poles and leathers. The main advantage of pop up gazebos is that they can be easily set for up to 60 seconds. It is usually a waterproof gazebo with side panels, unlike simple gazebos with open sides. You can also choose any waterproof gazebo cover you like; either it can be PVC or canvas.

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