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The Enclosed Gazebo – Keep The Elements Outside

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A fully walled version of a gazebo offers ten times the functionality of the traditional version and still looks great.

enclosed gazebo

The humble gazebo has a long tradition of adding both beauty and functionality for any yard, park, or any other outdoor area, be it wide-open or densely wooded. There is just something about the structure itself. The solidly made roof, suspended by six or eight seemingly too-thin columns gives the subtle impression of otherworldliness, as if the gazebo is something not quite real. However, sometimes one has to do with a little less aesthetics and a lot more functionality. The enclosed gazebo is all that and more. You sacrifice the ethereal effect by adding walls and a door, and boost the structures already-considerable functionality ten times!

hexagonal gazebo

The advantages

Before elaborating on the various uses an enclosed gazebo has, one has to keep in mind that any traditional gazebo can be quite easily converted into an enclosed one. In fact, if you already have a gazebo in your yard, then rather than buying one of the full enclosed gazebo kits, you can just buy the walls and door and make a regular gazebo enclosed.

The main advantage that an enclosed gazebo has over a traditional one is, of course, protection from the elements. A traditional gazebo, while capable of protecting from light rain, is actually meant to keep the sun out. By enclosing the structure, you get a stable environment, ideally capable of weathering a storm while keeping everything inside nice and dry. This fact alone accounts for most of the increased functionality. modern gazebo designsA hot-tub gazebo turns into a sauna. A glass roof turns the structure into a stylish greenhouse. But the best upside to such an addition is the possibility to safely hook it up to electricity. Some enclosed gazebo plans even come with electricity by default. While the procedure itself may be expensive and require competent hired help, it can ultimately turn your gazebo into an ideal outdoor study and a hub for any outdoor electrical items.

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