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Your gazebo canopy needs a replacement? No problem!

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It is true – anything you own, will eventually wear out. The following article will explain everything you need to know about gazebo covers replacement.

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Gazebo canopy replacement

A gazebo is always a great addition to any outdoor living space. It gives shade during the summer, protects from the rain and makes it possible to enjoy staying outdoors anytime when the weather is not cooperative.

Gazebo framing could last forever, but it is the canopy that usually becomes a victim of the elements.  In spite of this fact, gazebo cover replacement has to be done every 2 to 3 years. So, no need for a gazebo replacement, just its cover.

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When gazebo canopy becomes damaged

The elements do not spare even the toughest covers available for gazebo.  Eventually the sun will take its toll on the canvas tops by wearing them down. Constant rain exposure will stress the fibers in the material as it continuously gets wet and then dries. The biggest reason for the replacement of gazebo canopy is the wind. Strong winds tend to stretch and tear the fabric which already has been weakened by the elements. Same harsh influence of the elements is responsible for the gazebo netting replacement – tearing, sun fade and discoloration because of fungus.

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Know your size

The 10X10 gazebo replacement canopy is considered to be one of the most popular sizes. But what if you are not sure if your gazebo replacement canopy is 10X10? To figure out the size of gazebo replacement canopy you will need to use a standard measuring tape. To make the task of measuring much easier and faster, it is better to have someone to help you.

Since most of the gazebo replacement tops are square in shape, or rectangular, you can start by measuring the adjacent sides of one of the corners.  The exact measurements in feet you will come up with will equal the size of a replacement canopy for gazebo you need. The most common sizes are 8X8’, 9X9’, 10X10’, 10X12’ and 12X12’. If your measurement will be close enough to any of these measurements, then you are on the right track.

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If you shop for a gazebo replacement canopy top, make an effort to check out a Wellington gazebo replacement canopy top. It perfectly fits most of square in shape gazebo models, and thanks to a higher stitch count in its material, it spots much stronger and durable seems.

Tip: if you are in need of a new replacement canopy for gazebo, just check out the place where you bought it, most likely you will find a replacement canopy that is specifically designed for your model.

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