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Sheds and garages in residential zones

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Detached Structures

  • Development Permit Application
  • You need a Development Permit in order to erect a shed.

    Detached accessory structures, such as garages or storage sheds, must be behind the front building line of your home.

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    A detached structure must be located three (3) feet from the side and rear property lines, unless you take access to the garage from an alley, in which case the garage must be located at least six (6) feet from the alley.

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    A detached structure must be located at least six (6) feet from the house (may be measured on a diagonal).

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    No garage or shed may be on a lot by itself (there must be a house present on the lot).

    Note: Since side and rear setbacks are only three (3) feet, you should be certain just where the property line is, in order to avoid conflicts with your neighbors. The City knows the dimensions of your lot, but not precisely where the lot lines are. Lot lines can be located by a surveyor.

    Attached Structures

    Attached garages must meet all of the setback requirements of the principal structure (house). Setbacks for principal strcutures in the single-family (“R”) zone are:

  • Front: 25 feet
  • Rear: 30 feet
  • Sides: 6 and 10 feet (assuming a 14-foot high structure)

    Special Notes

    You may only have one accessory building per lot or parcel in addition to a garage.

    Corner lots are of particular concern. Please consult with the Zoning Administrator.

    Check power lines and easements on your lot. You may not build on an easement.

    Height limit is 14′ from the midpoint of the eaves and peak (see diagram).

    Front-yard setbacks are measured from the property line to the front of the building or structure. Side and rear-yard setbacks are measured from the property line to the building’s drip line.

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