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Concrete Floor Grinder Rental – an Affordable Way to Get the Job Done

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Nowadays concrete floors can be used in both industrial and civic applications, thanks to the high availability of equipment for its care and maintenance. All you need to make your concrete floor smooth and shiny is a concrete floor grinder. This tool is used during construction for leveling and finishing the floor surface usually on large areas such as in warehouses, supermarkets, airports, sport arenas, etc. Because of the durability of and easy maintenance of concrete, these tools are also used in private detached houses.

Concrete floor grinders are quite expensive machines, the price ranges from 2 to 5 thousand dollars for most of the models, while extra heavy duty items may cost even more. That’s why they are mostly rented then purchased. Renting is a good option when you want use the floor grinder once during the preparatory works or do not require it for regular care.

concrete floor grinder

Concrete grinders can be found at hardware shops or home improvement stores, where there are both new machines and the used ones given for rental.

Concrete grinder rental: choosing your equipment

Generally a concrete grinder looks like a big vacuum cleaner with gasoline engine and one or several grinding discs. The discs are made of hard composite materials and are featured with diamond abrasive edges to work with hard concrete. While choosing your equipment, pay attention to the following parameters:

dosko stump grinder

  • Working width and engine power. This characteristic affects directly the productivity of the device, it is measured in sq. inches of the grinded surface per hour. The type of engine also matters, for large areas it is better to use gas engines because you won’t need a wall outlet, while for small rooms electric power will be enough.
  • Grinding discs. There can be from one to four discs. The difference is, when there are two counter-rotating discs, the machine is more powerful, stable and easier to control. On the other hand, multi-disc machines are more expensive, so think about if you need a lot of power for your application.
  • The presence of a dust collector. Floor grinding creates a lot of dust, so having a dust collector will make the job more pleasant and safe. One of the ways to get rid of the dust is using water. In this case, concrete grinders are equipped with water containers and a vacuum port for collecting the mess.

floor grinder

Things to consider for a floor grinder rental

There are about 15 manufacturers of floor grinders, so you will probably have a wide selection of models at your disposal. Ask your dealer about the most suitable application for the exact model and think if it matches your requirements. Depending on your needs, which can be just cleaning the surface from mastics and or resins or removing of relatively thick layer of concrete, you will be offered different equipment.

You will have to choose the type of grinding: dry or wet. First method requires more powerful and durable tools, because the friction with the surface is very high. If you choose wet grinding, the machine should be suitable for this type of work i.e. it must have water tanks and appropriate vacuum ports.

small stump grinder

The whole process of the floor grinding may require different effort depending on the condition of the floor and how you want it polished. For example, just adding a texture to the concrete is quite simple, but if it is covered with pits and mastics and the shape has many hard-to-reach edges, it will take much time. For best results, the process will require several passes to have an ideally smooth and polished surface.

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