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DR Stump Grinder and Other Good Stump Grinders

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If you have recently bought a home, you may face a task of grinding stumps of trees around your realty. This may appear to be a tough job. This is where the Dr Stump Grinder steps forward, featured with durable carbide-tipped teeth, a rugged steel frame, and an outstanding Subaru engine.

From the very beginning of your use you’ll applaud to the perfect 9 carbide-tipped replaceable teeth, supplying unmatched rotation inertia. A protective steel shroud prevents the user from occasional residues of timber and rocks, which can otherwise hit your head or breast. You’ll be surprised to know that the teeth are covered with carbide, which miners use for drilling through boulders.

dr stump grinder

Large tires make another good-for-life feature of the Dr Stump Grinder: they provide for good clearance over woodchips and bumpy terrains. See for yourself: the size of the wheels makes 15″ x 4.75″.

A drum of 4.5″ and a hand brake lock a wheel to provide a pivot point for progressive and flawless cutting motion.

Subaru engines are next to none in matters of durability of work. Dr Stump Grinders have the engines with overhead cam technology resembling the one used in the famous auto trademark. If you have ever driven a Suba, you understand the talk. If not, you need to try it once.

stump grinder

Where You Can Find Stump Grinders for Sale

Of course, one needs to start from the official maker’s site  By the way, when you are seriously looking around for stump grinders for sale, you may choose an option of buying an item with expired warranty time. What does it mean? You are buying a device which was not used, but was on sale for a long time. Normally this producer gives 2 years for the device used by a private home-owner and 90 days for one for commercial use. When it comes to the engine, they give 3 years for residential and 3 years for commercial use. Mind, the price for covered by the warranty stump grinders for sale start from slightly over 2 thousand dollars. And if you are seduced by an out-of-warranty item, it can cost you as cheap as $150.

Another option of bargaining for stump grinders for sale is visiting such marketplaces as,, or The items there are offered by private individuals. However, at the first glance the prices do not look very low. You’ll need to do a research. Just type “stump grinders for sale” in your browser and look how far it can take you.

stump grinders

What Happens if I Have My Own Stump Grinder for Sale?

Well, if you are a money-lover, you can choose to trade your stump grinder for sale on web-auctions such as or Otherwise, you can choose to advertise your stump grinder for sale in the resources mentioned above, or in your local newspaper. In fact, these options have small differences. For an ad in a newspaper you may be asked for a small cash pay (however, this is not the truth for all newspapers), on the Internet it can be either free or a registering fee may be required. But when publishing in the paper, you can state that the buyer has to pick up the item by himself. On the Internet, on the other hand, some people, checking a stump grinder for sale, expect you to arrange for the shipment. You have a choice to include shipping costs into the price or mention this separately. Another good way of trading if you are not in a hurry is to offer your stump grinder for sale through a newspaper of free ads. Actually many such newspapers today own their Internet copies. For example, or

Can I Find a Stump Grinder Teeth for Sale?

In many modern models teeth are replaceable within 15-20 minutes. But if your model style is old, finding the right stump grinder teeth for sale can be a task. If this is the case, check manuals and technical forums. Your model can easily appear compatible with some other teeth.

stump grinding

For example, friends of mine had a Vermeer 252 and found a well-priced set of Greenteeth stump grinder teeth for sale a couple of years ago. They did a research and found out this could be an option. Interestingly, they report a large difference in productiveness and much less effort for changing teeth, as now they only have to loosen the dull tooth and change the edge for 1/3. Another pro is that they feel like machine has started to wear off less.

I know some people can disagree with such a point of view, because Greenteeth are known to be much more aggressive. But this is their experience. They think it can be due to the auto sweep feature of their stump grinder, which helps keeping the teeth from biting too much.

They also admitted that after having used the Greenteeth set for a few years they have been recommended  to use a set of a smaller size by the manufacturers.

Therefore, be inventive when looking for a set of stump grinder teeth for sale.

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