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Get a stump grinder at Home Depot, and get the job done!

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Home Depot is the second largest home improvement business in the USA.  As of January 31, 2010, it had 2, 244 shops all over America, along with Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Guam, Canada, China and Mexico.

If you got some kind of a project at your hands, Home Depot can help by providing you with a selection of tools and equipment. They carry many trusted brands, and they offer special tool rent for any job you might have, including a stump grinder.

husqvarna stump grinder

So, to get rid of some nasty stumps showing in your yard, just get to the Home Depot store and talk to a representative who will guide you through the process of choosing the right stump grinder for the job.

Available options of a stump grinder rental at Home Depot

Stump grinder rental comes in numerous versions and dimensions. Various stump grinder options available for rent at Home Depot are:

  • Walk behind stump grinder – good for those who has never worked with a stump grinder before. Ease of use and high mobility makes it an ideal choice if you have one small stump to get rid of. Cutter wheels on these kinds of grinders range between 11 to 14 inches wide.
  • Self-propelled stump grinder – equipped with a larger cutter wheel of up to 72 inches, has diesel or gas operated engine. The Self-propelled feature allows this type of grinder to be driven to worksite, something you could not do with a walk behind version.
  • Towable stump grinder – a good option for those who decided to clear off a large open area of many tree stumps. It has a bigger cutter wheel and a more powerful engine than the rest of self-propelled stump grinders do. Depending on the size of a grinder you pick, you may tow it either by using a small car or perhaps a large truck.
  • Tracked stump grinder – a great thing about this unit is that it can travel with ease over rough patches of terrain, so it can move over landscaped lawns while not inflicting damage.

stump grinder attachment

Knowing all your options will help you to pick the right model for the job at hand. If any questions should occur, just talk to any representative who would assist you in getting any questions about your options answered.

Why get stump grinders at Home Depot?

Home Depot is filled with great products, product information, know-hows and tips. The store is committed to offer its customers easy and worry free shopping experience.  If you have any questions, you can contact them by Phone, Email, and Live Chat. For your convenience you can even create your personal Home Depot account and apply for your very own Home Depot credit card.

So, the next time you come in, and you are in need of getting that so much needed stump grinder for your project, just pick one that suits your work needs, and make a payment by using your Home Depot credit card. It’s fast, convenient, and you can manage your account online, make payments to your card, and keep track of your purchases.  All of this makes for an easy way to finish off any of your projects, specially removing those stumps with a stump grinder.

stump grinder

Should you rent a stump grinder at Home Depot, or buy your own?

Of course, it all depends on your personal needs, financial capabilities, even your experience. Having your own stump grinder not only helps you with removing tree stumps on your property, but in the future lets you, perhaps, start your own business. You will be able to start off by doing residential work, and then go big – do commercial work by contract. It gives you many opportunities of what to do with it.

For example, used stump grinders go up for sale anywhere from $2,000 and up to $5,000 and more. Price figures depend on:

  •  Name of the brand
  •  Year it was made
  •  Type of stump grinder (walk behind, self-propelled, towable or tracked stump grinder)
  •  Condition
  •  How many hours it has been operating for

Then you have to consider the cost of repairs if you decide to buy it used. Again, different brands have different repair expanses. After putting it all together, don’t forget one more thing – storage. It’s important that you have a place to store your grinder, as after all it’s the kind of equipment that you need to take care of. Storage will provide protection from weather elements, keep it dry and secured.  If you buy it new, it is much more expensive, but provides you with manufacturer’s warranty.

stump grinding

On the other hand, you could rent one from Home Depot store, in their rental department. For a smaller stump grinder, they charge about $107 a day, plus $5 fuel surcharge. Again, price figures depend on the size and type of equipment you want to get. Yet, it’s still cheaper than buying one, but only if you have a small project. If you can finish it rather fast, within a day, for example, then renting a stump grinder from Home Depot is your best option. Just check with your local Home Depot store about all of their renting rates for stump grinding equipment and accessories.

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