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Rayco Stump Grinder – Top Notch Equipment From the Industry Leader

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Rayco is an American manufacturer of timber and landscape industry products with more than 30 years of history. The headquarters of the company is located in Wooster, Ohio. Rayco was founded in 1978 by John Bowling who named the company after his father, Ray Bowling. An interesting point is that Rayco is still family business, despite the world scale of the dealer network.

Quality and dependability are the trademarks of Rayco products, and stump grinders are one of the most prominent representatives of the company’s product line.

rayco stump grinder

The philosophy of Rayco lies in making the best products of uncompromising characteristics. Instead of just using modern technologies, the company is the one who develops them setting the pace on the market. Rayco boasts its proprietary Super Tooth and Monster Tooth cutters that ensure safe, efficient and long lasting operation.

The wide product line has solutions for different purpose and budget, providing equipment for both individual customers and commercial use.

Rayco stump grinders for sale: choose the model that’s right for you

rayco stump grinders

Rayco manufactures three types of stump grinders to suit different tasks. Here are they:

  • Mini-work force. This line of commercial grade equipment includes three models: RG13, RG13 Series II and RG25HD. The first two are relatively lightweight (only 260 and 400 lbs) and portable, while RG25HD is a larger self-propelled unit with big wheels to go over any obstacles. All machines have Japanese gas engines made by Honda.
  • Self-propelled stump grinders. RG1625A, RG1635 SJR are affordable and compact, and their abilities are enough to satisfy the requirements of professionals. RG1635 Trac is featured with rubber tracks to let it go through all terrains. RG1645 is a turbo diesel 4 wheel drive machine with 59” cutting width. RG70 and RG100 are the most powerful self-propelled Rayco stump cutters that have professional features for the most difficult tasks. Rayco Super JR S series are compact and have swing out control panels for a better view of the stumps. This is very helpful for those who use such equipment for the first time, for example, renting it in a local store.
  • Tow-behind. These are the most powerful stump cutters that have 99 HP and 140 HP engines and cutter wheels with incredible 97’’ cutting width capabilities. With the power of these industry leading machines no stump can be an obstacle for you.

Also Rayco manufactures trailers for towing its self-propelled grinders.

Rayco stump grinder for sale available in 19 countries

stump grinder

Rayco has a broad dealer network presented in 19 countries including all continents of the world. In the US Rayco has several dealers in every state, and you can easily find one near you. To do that, just check out Rayco’s official website The products of Rayco are also widely presented in the home improvement stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s or Menards.

The price of a Rayco stump grinder starts from $2500 for a mini-work force model for backyard jobs and can exceed $10 000 for towed machines with 100 HP and almost unlimited cutting capabilities.

If you cannot afford such price, search for used equipment that is offered in many retail and online stores. In general, such deals can be a great opportunity to get heavy duty items at a price of a mid range stump grinder. However, you will not have a warranty, so take it into account.

If you only need to cut several stumps, think about taking a machine for rental. The rental cost varies according to the model and usually starts from $150 per day while the cost of the cutting service can be the same for one hour of work.

tree stump grinder

Rayco stump grinder for sale in Craigslist

Looking for a used Rayco stump grinder, consider checking out the Craigslist – one of the biggest online advertising databases. From 2000, this internet community network has expanded to the most of the US territory, rapidly gaining its popularity among population. Now it is the biggest classified service with over 80 million ads a month.

It goes without saying that you should pay great attention to the condition of the machine while buying it online. The important information you need includes at least the following:

  • when it was made
  • what the actual running time (measured in hours) is
  • the condition of the engine and cutting wheel, hydraulic mechanism
  • if there are any photos provided
  • the cost of delivery
  • if it is possible to take it for rental

It is often possible to negotiate the price, so the Craigslist can give you an opportunity to catch the best deal. Anyway, the purchase of such an expensive item should be done after personal observation of the machine. It would be very helpful if you could see the stump cutter at work. Having all the necessary information, you can choose the right unit that will repay the invested money.

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