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Stump Grinder Rental Services

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Say you’ve recently got a new house and want to style up your yard, and there’s a tree where don’t want to have any. Or you own a fruit garden and need to get rid of an old or sick tree to free up room for new ones. Or you need to remove a couple of trees from a construction site. Chopping down a tree is just half the problem. You have to get rid of the stump too.stump grinder That’s when you need a stump grinder – a power tool specifically designed to remove tree stumps. But unless you’re a professional landscape gardener or lumberjack, you’re not likely to actually own a stump grinder. And you probably wouldn’t want to buy one to use it once and then have it collect dust in the shed. Also, new stump grinders are usually quite expensive, and used grinders are often in rather poor condition and may need repairs and replacement of crucial parts like the cutting wheel. Luckily, there is one simple solution to this dilemma. If you need a grinder but don’t want to buy one – rent one. Stump grinder rental services are provided by many companies for reasonable prices that usually depend on the type of grinder, often with discounts for longer rental periods. Read on to find out how to choose a proper grinder.

stump grinders

How to choose a good rental stump grinder?

First of all decide what type stump grinder you need. The choice should be made according to the size of the job.

tree stump grinder

  • For a home owner wanting to get rid of a few small-to-medium stumps in their back yard, a simple walk-behind grinder will be a perfect choice. It operates on the same principle as a lawnmower, with an engine of 10-27 horsepower, and a cut capacity of 19 inches in diameter and up to 27 inches above ground
  • A more heavy-duty machine is the self-propelled grinder. The most powerful models cut up to 26’’ in diameter and up to 43’’ above ground. The main advantage of a self propelled grinder is that it can be moved from site to site with minimal effort and easily fit though a standard fence, thus enabling a single grinder to quickly de-stump a entire neighborhood. Some of these grinders can even be remotely controlled.
  • A tow-behind grinder is ideal for large tracts of land with many stumps. The cutting power is usually up to 78 hp.tree stump remover
  • The track mounted grinder is the most powerful of all types. Basically being a self propelled grinder with tank threads, this kind of grinder is mostly used on large construction sites and uneven terrain.

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