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Stump Grinder Rentals

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Say you need to remove a couple of trees from your territory for whatever reason: construction, gardening, replacing old trees with young ones, etc. You chop the trees down, but still need to do something about the stumps. hand held stump grinderWhat you need is a stump grinder, but buying one for a one-time job is hardly rational. It’s usually much more sensible to rent one. Depending on the task at hand, you can choose between four main types of grinders:

stump grinders

  1. Walk-behind. Best suited for small, backyard type jobs, with a small number of small or medium sized stumps.
  2. Self propelled. Usually the perfect choice if you share the renting cost with your neighbors to de-stump a neighborhood. Can be ridden from site to site with little to no effort. Certain models have a remote control option.
  3. Tow-behind. Best for work on large areas, these heavy-duty machines are designed to be towed to the work site with a tow truck or a four wheel drive. Mostly rented by companies not willing to put much money into equipment.
  4. Track mounted. Self propelled grinders or tank-like threads. The best choice for construction companies and for work on hilly terrain. Many models also have remote control feature with range up to 1500 feet.

tree stump grinder

A rent stump grinder – other considerations

When choosing the grinder type, it is recommended to ask the rental dealer for professional advice. The dealer will help you select the model which suits both the job and your budget best. The general price of renting a stump grinder is usually between $125 and $300, depending on the type and condition of the machine. Sharing rental fees with neighbors to de-stump all yard concerned is a popular and effective tactic in this case.

Other questions you need to ask the dealer before renting the machine:

  • Does the cost include delivery charge?
  • Is the fuel tank filled beforehand? If so, is the fuel cost included into the rental fee?
  • In case of malfunction during the rental period, who pays for repairs?
  • When does the rental period expire?
  • Does the machine come with a manual and safety guide?
  • Are there other additional costs?
  • Is there any extra charge for rental over a weekend or holiday period?

tree stump grinding

Rent only from reliable, trusted dealers, always do some research on the rental company before making a deal, always follow basic safety measures, and try to only rent grinders of known and trusted brands, like Rayco, Vermeer, and Carlton.

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