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Stump Grinders – Powerful Machines That Will Do the Hard Work for You

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Improvement of our backyard or country estate sometimes implies cutting the trees that interfere with your plans of construction or are already dead and have to be removed. But cutting the tree is not as difficult as removing the stumps left from it, and in this case a man needs professional equipment, known as a stump grinder.

The most important part of a stump grinder is its cutting wheel made of hard steel with very durable teeth of composite materials. It is connected to a hydraulic lever that allows easy control of the cutting process. Powered by engines from 10 to 200 HP, these machines can cut through any kind of tree leaving only wood chips from it. The wood chips then can bring you some good, for example, being used in the soil fertilization.

carlton stump grinder

Using a stump grinder is the most efficient way to get rid of a stump, because it makes the whole process quicker and simpler, leaving the neighboring land untouched, which is important when you want to preserve your lawn. Moreover, you save a lot of time and efforts. The hole that’s left after grinding can be used for planting flowers or can be simply covered by ground to create an absolutely plain surface.

Carlton stump grinder for sale – a reliable solution for best results

Carlton is a recognized manufacturer of tree equipment whose manufacturing facilities are located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Carlton has a full product line of stump grinders starting from the small walk behind models to large towed units providing you with equipment for any occasion.

The principles of the company are based on manufacturing machines of outstanding design and quality using modern technologies and personal expertise. The trained staff is able to answer all questions about the products and provide technical support ensuring a comprehensive service for its customers.

carlton stump grinders

All product range is available at various home improvement stores, from local ones to mega malls like Home Depot or Lowe’s. The price varies substantially depending on the model, as such it starts from $3 000 for a handle bar unit and goes to around $80 000 for the tracked Carlton Hurricane. Read on to learn more about how to choose an appropriate stump grinder for you.

Choosing among different Carlton stump grinders for sale

It was mentioned above that stump grinders vary substantially, so how to choose the one that’s suitable right for you? The decision should be made according to personal requirements and financial abilities. As a serious company, Carlton gives customers many options to choose from, such as:

  • Walk behind models. These small units offer great portability and require minimal investments. Their power ranges from 13 to 27 HP and they are able to cut rotten stumps up to 32” in diameter. Carlton SP 2000 has a self-propelled transmission to ease the operation of this powerful machine. Walk behind models are suitable for big land owners or stores who plan to give it for rent.stump grinders
  • Self-propelled stump grinders. Equipped with thick cutting wheels, 4WD and hydraulic mechanism, they can minimize your manual labor to remove large numbers of stumps. The low center of gravity and additional wheels ensure stability and maneuverability combined with sufficient ground torque. Self propelled machines are a good choice for large contractors.
  • Tow-behind units. These machines are designed for the toughest jobs, both in terms of stumps number and diameter. The solid construction and turbo diesel engines provide enormous power and the tongue extension helps avoid repositioning during the work.
  • Track mounted machines. They combine power, climbing ability and low lawn disruption. These versatile units are equipped with remote control for easy and safe operation. Concerning their high price, these machines are chosen by contractors for frequent heavy duty tasks, that’s when they repay the invested costs.

Tips for using a tree stump grinder

When you already own a stump grinder, it is very important to keep to safety rules during work. These powerful machines are not toys and can bring serious damage if used improperly. Here are some tips for those who just started to use a stump grinder:

tree stump grinder

  • Always wear a helmet and glasses to protect you from wood chips or small rocks that may suddenly come under the cutting wheel.
  • For better safety clean the whole area near the stump from rocks and other debris. Before grinding, make sure that the stump is cut as low to the ground as possible. This will make the work quicker and safer.
  • Let the engine warm up for several minutes, it will ensure smooth operation and prolong the life of your machine.

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