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Stump Grinding Rental Peculiarities

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Stump grinders are exceptionally useful machines which can be used for different industrial or personal needs. Their main functions are as follows:

  • Stumps removal on the territory where construction work is planned
  • Cutting of tree trunks for landscape beautification
  • Removal of stumps in parks and public gardens

power stump grinder

Stump grinders are rather expensive, that’s why many companies and private territory owners prefer stump grinding rental. It is always better to rent a powerful stump grinder than to buy a new or used machine. Used stump grinders often need small repairs with the lapse of time, including the replacement of a cutting unit and other parts. You may not need to buy a new stump grinding machine when you are going to use it for removing one or two stumps from your garden.

Stump grinding rental may be paid for daily use or hourly use. The cost of daily use varies between 120$ to 300$. Stump grinders are usually leased by land clearing companies. Before renting the stump grinding equipment you should ask the following questions at your local land clearing service:

  • Ask if the stump grinding rental includes delivery charges
  • Find out the details about a rental period
  • Find out if the fuel tank of a stump grinder is filled
  • Ask for easy-to-follow instructions about how to operate the equipment

stump grinding

Before renting stump grinding machinery you should choose the type of equipment.

Tub Grinder Rental – Better Than Buying

This type of wood milling equipment is a real heavyweight among stump grinders. A tub grinder can cope with a large diameter wooden material of 240 cm and larger. This machine triturates wood rather than cuts it. A tub grinder is usually equipped with the engine having 200 to 1000 horsepower. It can’t be transported independently but requires a truck for transportation. Some extremely heavy models need a trailer truck for delivery to destination.

tree stump grinders

Tub Grinder Rental may be reasonable when you are going to remove a large quantity of stumps having big and very big sizes. This is a very expensive machine. For instance, a 110 horsepower diesel tub grinder costs $40 000. Tub grinder rental can reach $70 per hour. This price includes maintenance, fuel and labor expenses. If you have decided to rent tub grinder, pay attention to the terms of the rental because according to it you may be responsible for repair charges which are usually quite high.

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