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Used stump grinders for sale: an inexpensive way to get rid of tree stumps

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If you decided to get rid of a few tree stumps in your yard, then perhaps you’d better hire landscaping service specialists – it will be much faster and less problematic. But, if you have three or more stumps in your yard, then investing into a used stump grinder is the right choice that will save you money. See if your neighbors, or your friends, have some tree stumps that got to be removed too – you can talk to them about splitting the cost of buying a used stump grinder.

bobcat stump grinder

Now, when getting ready to look for a used stump grinder, remember that they are found in several shapes and sizes:

  • Walk behind stump grinders – best suited for individuals who don’t have previous stump grinding experience, or have only one small stump to grind (cutter wheel width range from 11 to 14 inches). They are easy to use and easy to transport.
  • Self-propelled stump grinders – these gas and diesel powered stump grinders offer 20 – 90-hp engines. Cutter wheel width is around 72 inches (good for grinding down large tree stumps).
  • Towable stump grinder – good for those, who desire to clear a major open area, of a large number of stumps. It offers a much bigger cutter wheel and a more powerful engine.

Depending on your needs, you will be able to pick the right stump grinder for the job.

How to operate a used stump grinder?

First and foremost, follow the safety rules. Read safety instructions for operating. This kind of machinery is very dangerous if operated improperly. You will need this to operate a stump grinder:

  1. Safety goggles
  2. Ear plugs
  3. Protective foot wear
  4. Long-sleeved shirt
  5. Hard hat

Until you start working, make sure the area of operation is clear of debris, rocks, sticks and logs.  If a cutter wheel hits one of these, they can become like bullets, flying for miles. Check the location of your underground utilities, tv cables, phone cables, etc. Practice safety awareness during operation as it can save your life.

portable stump grinder

Before you turn on a stump grinder, make sure that the brake is set. Start lowering the blades in front of the stump, and then turn it on. Make sure you’ve got a steady hand on the grip, then begin to move the stump grinder from side to side in a sweeping motion to grind down the stump to the level you need. Never walk off and leave a stump grinder running by itself, even if it is for a short moment. If any problem occurs, shut it off immediately.

Used stump grinder sale madness


Anyone looking into buying a used stump grinder can get overwhelmed by the number of options sellers offer to a potential buyer. For one who is not experienced in such a field it would be beneficial to do a research to know more about this equipment. There are many brands of stump grinders such as:

  •  Veermer
  •  Husqvarna
  •  Rayco
  •  Hawk
  •  Bandit Industries

These are all well-known brands, but there are a few more that showed good quality and reliability of their product. When you decided which brand you want to get and which model, find out from a seller following information:

  • How long has he/she had it for?
  • Did it have any major mechanical problems?
  • How often was maintenance performed?
  • Does it have any leaks from hydraulic elements?

These questions will help you filter some bad units and help you find one that is worth your investments. If you are still not sure, there is plenty of helping hands you can find online, just take your time and you will be able to make a wise decision.

praxis stump grinder


Get a used stump grinder for sale and see results fast


It’s not a secret for anyone – we, people, love order and harmony. But a tree that had been cut down, leaving behind a stump in the ground, destroys that much loved harmony and order that we love so much. It can become an eyesore, preventing from landscaping, taking up space, even be hazardous.

There are a few ways to get rid of a tree stump:

  1. Nature – simply covering stump with soil will eventually lead it to decay. When rotten, it is easily removed by an axe or a shovel. Pros: it’s cheap. Cons: it takes many months or years.
  2. Nature accelerated – various commercial products can be used to accelerate decaying process. They are mostly applied by drilling a hole in the stump, and pouring liquid in it. After that, it takes up to 12 weeks for a stump to get soft enough to be removed by burning. Pros: it’s not expensive and not difficult to do. Cons: long waiting for a final effect to take place.
  3. Stump grinding – if you want fast results, using a stump grinder is the best way to do it. Most accomplish their job by means of a high-speed disc with very sharp teeth that grind the stump and underground roots into small chips. Pros: Fast, “right now” results. Cons: may get expensive.

pto stump grinder

So, the best way to remove a stump is to get a used stump grinder. It’s fast, efficient, and you can see the result of your work within hours, not weeks or years! By having one you can even start your own business if you want. It’s an investment that is worth looking into.

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