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Vermeer Stump Grinder – Sweep the Stumps Out of Your Way!

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From the year of its foundation Vermeer has made a long way from a small company based in Iowa and run by one man into a big multinational corporation, manufacturing equipment for construction, environment and agriculture purposes.

One of the prominent Vermeer’s inventions was a first stump grinder made in 1957. It’s name was Pow-R-Stump Cutter. Despite the presence of other equipment for such purposes on the market, Vermeer’s stump grinder was the first practical solution offered for an affordable price.

commercial stump grinder

Today Vermeer manufactures industry standard products ranging from handle bar walk behind models to 100 HP self-propelled machines.

Using Vermeer products for your garden or for commercial projects, you can remove the stumps and avoid the necessity to damage your lawn or neighboring plants. The whole job will be done quicker without any harm for your back using manual labor and improvised equipment.

Vermeer stump grinders sale options

Depending on your needs and budget, you can pick different machines from Vermeer product range. Some models are not presented on the official website, meaning that they are no longer manufactured, but they still can be found at stores offering used stump grinders or in personal advertisements such as in Craigslist. If you want to buy a new stump grinder, you have the following options:

  • Search for your local Vermeer dealer on Thanks to the branched dealer network, one of the subsidiaries may be near your home
  • Visit your local hardware stores or home improvement supermarkets as Home Depot and Lowe’s
  • Look for advertisements posted in newspapers and online classifieds

When you come to a dealer, you will see a wide selection of stump cutters. The most popular models include self-propelled units with high performance engines and cutter wheels, some of which are equipped with tracks for better earth torque and less ground pressure.

skid steer stump grinder

Such stump grinders are highly used by large contractors who need lots of power and durability for working on heavy duty tasks such as clearing vast areas of land for construction. The machine delivers maximum performance still being quite maneuverable and compact to fit through a standard 36” gate.

Benefits of getting Vermeer stump grinder for sale

Vermeer stump grinders are featured with patented technologies that let them sweep the stumps quickly and efficiently. At the same time, they ensure safe and comfortable operation turning the hard work into a quite interesting process.

The benefits of Vermeer products include:

  • Autosweep system – automatically adjusts the speed of a cutter wheel according to the thickness and hardness of the stump. This system makes it possible to decrease the stress on the engine and the drive strain for better durability of the machine. This also simplifies the task of the operator resulting in better work productivity.
  • Yellow Jacket – special construction of teeth prolongs their service life and makes the maintenance easier.  vermeer stump grinder
  • Electric clutch engagement – eliminates the necessity for manual operations
  • Operator presence system – makes the operation safer. When an operator does not hold the control levers, the cutting wheel is stopped automatically preventing dangerous situations
  • Belt driven gearbox – the power of the engine is directly transmitted to the cutter wheel preventing power loss, so you can sweep one stump after another
  • Warranty – 3 year or 3000 hour on gearboxes and driveline plus 1 year warranty on equipment (for certain models)
  • Comprehensive service – with many service centers throughout the country, you can be sure that maintenance of your machine will not be a problem

Used Vermeer stump grinders for sale

If you cannot afford some expensive models, you can search for used Vermeer stump grinders. This will help you save some money and still enjoy the performance and value of a top class branded stump grinder.

vermeer stump grinders

Same as with the new models, used units can be bought at your local home improvement stores or from personal owners. Note that many official retailers also have used Vermeer stump grinders for sale, and they pay great attention so that the equipment is in proper condition. So you don’t have to worry that you are buying a stump grinder that will break down after a week of use. On the other hand, their price is usually higher, as they have to pay for commercial premises.

If you have decided to save some money and look for the best deal, be sure to check all units of the stump grinder, such as engine, drive gears, cutting wheel and hydraulic mechanism. The more knowledge you have, the better are your chances to buy a quality stump grinder and get the most out of your investment.

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