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Build a firewood storage box – diy – mother earth news

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You can cut siding boards at a straight up-and-down 90В° and make crude butt-joints. It isn’t much harder to cut them at 45В° so they meet in a more finished, knife-edge mitered joint. Put the planing blade on your circular saw and set the cutting angle to 45В°.

outdoor wicker patio furniture


At this, its most extreme cutting angle, a circular saw is off balance and tends to wobble in the kerf (kerf is wood-butcher’s talk for a saw cut). Plus, you are sawing at an awkward angle through almost 2″ of wood. Have the work to your left so the blade angles off to your left and most of the saw’s baseplate will rest on a firm surface. Hold the tool firmly with both hands, keep the edge of the baseplate snug against the straight-edge/saw guide, and move it forward, slowly and carefully. When ends of all the 3′ siding boards have been trimmed to 45В°, move the stop block and straightedge forward and trim one end of all 2′ siding boards.

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Measuring on the tops of the boards you just cut-from the outer (sharp) edge of the 45В° end-mark the other end of the 2′ boards so they will come out the outside depth you want your box to be (in my case, 23″). Reset and clamp your stop blocks and straight edge; slide the 2′ boards forward, and cut them to length with the saw set at 45В°. Then mark the three-footers to the box’s precise outside width, reset blocks again, and cut those boards to length.

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Cut and Attach Horizontal Frame-BoardsSet two long and two short siding boards up on their long edges and trial-assemble them into the rectangular shape of the woodbox. Use a right angle to make corners square. Tap joints to align the edges knife-sharp. Tape the boards together if need be. Carefully measure the inside of the long boards and trim the four, 3′-long, square-stock frame boards to this length. You could angle-cut the frame boards, but they won’t show and it is easier just to cut the ends square.

wicker outdoor patio furniture


Set two of these newly-cut, frame members snug against the bottoms of the long siding-boards inside the trial-assembly, and measure the distance between their ends. Trim the four short frame-boards to this length and check accuracy by setting two of them in place along the bottoms of the short siding-boards inside the trial assembly. All frame boards should butt together snugly, but not so tight they open the joints between siding boards.

Now, make another trial assembly of two more long and two short siding and frame boards. Use the hot-glue gun to tack frame to siding boards. Lay boards flat, drill pilot holes through frame boards and into siding, two inches from ends and at approximate 6″ intervals between, and fasten with drywall screws.

Assemble PanelsBegin by assembling the two 3′-long side panels and two 2′-long end panels. For each, lay two unframed siding boards between a pair of already-framed siding boards oriented so that there is a frame board at the top and bottom of the four-board panel. Use your framing square to arrange the boards into a perfect rectangle. Then measure, cut, and tack-glue a pair of vertical frame members between and perpendicular to the horizontal frame pieces already attached to the top and bottom boards-one at the center and one at the right edge of each panel. Be sure the outer edge of the frame board placed at the right margin of the panel is even with the inner edge of the 45В° saw-cuts in the boards. Pilot-drill and screw-fasten frame to siding as before.

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