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Hi all The reason for dado blades being banned in the UK was initially due to the high number of people chopping serious bits out of fingers and hands and due to the nature of the injury, repairs were not usually very good! The EU Directives do then prohibit. The problem in using a dado blade many people do not make any form of guarding to compensate for removing the top/crown guard. Contrary to what everyone says about ‘I’ll be carefull’ I had the pleasure of investigating dozens or hand injuries on table saws, spindles, radial arm saws, planers …… and in many – not all – cases guards were not in place or adequate. People do make mistakes – often.

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Please don’t just mock elf n safety as if it is there to stop everyone doing what they want, the vast majority of the rules spring from real experience. In case you are interested I was one of Her Majesties Inspectors of Factories and responsible for enforcing the safety laws. The majority of silly stuff you read/hear about where health and safety is used as the excuse are usually total rubbish. In this case its for a good reason.

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Regarding the States and allowing dado blades – put the correct sticker on something and you suddenly find the litigation in America can disappear. Sadly, a sticker doesn’t put your fingers back on. Use a router or spindle moulder?

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