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Lathe chucks, sliding jaw lathe chucks, sliding jaw chucks

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SMW Autoblok manufactures two series of Manual Lathe Chucks: one with SMW Autoblok jaw system, and one with Forkardt jaw system. Both feature quick jaw change systems, allowing jaws to be changed out in less than a minute.

lathe chuck


Closed Center Power Chucks

SMW Autoblok has the most comprehensive lineup of Closed Center Power Lathe Chucks. Available with 2 Jaws, 3 Jaws, 4 Jaws or 6 Jaws, options include standard stroke, long stroke, centrifugal force compensation, and more.

lathe chucks


Open Center Power Chucks

Designed for open center or partial open center clamping, SMW Autoblok’s Open Center Lathe Chucks are available with large or extra-large through holes, and are stocked in 2 Jaw, 3 Jaw and 4 Jaw configurations.

metal lathe chuck


Quick Jaw Change Power Chucks

With Jaws that can be changed in less than a minute, Quick Jaw Change Lathe Chucks can drastically reduce lathe set up times. Quick Jaw Change Chucks are available with 2 Jaws or 3 Jaws, in Open Center or Closed Center configurations.

Air Chucks SMW Autoblok’s Air Chucks feature built in pneumatic cylinders, and operate in machines without the need for hydraulic cylinders. These lathe chucks feature extra-large through holes, and are available in standard, extended, and long strokes.

Hydraulic Front End Chucks

These power lathe chucks feature a built in hydraulic cylinder, with hydraulic oil being supplied through the spindle wall. Available with 3 Jaws or 4 Jaws, large through holes allow the complete spindle bore to be utilized.

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