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New machine build alans diy cnc lathe

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I am still looking for another place to put the X stepper, but where I have it now is the easiest way I can think of. I can see how it might get in the way if I have a really long boring bar, with only a little coming past the front of the tool holder, but other than that It might be ok where it is.

metal lathe accessories


I’m trying to find a shape for a carriage that will extend over the ballscrew mounts, than I can cut out of what’s left of my 30mm plate. It’s now a zig-zag shape, so I’m having to see what fit’s.

homemade lathe


Otherwise I will just try to use the largest block I can between the carriage and ballscrew mount.

I finished up the risers for the bed, and have them attached with 6 m12 bolts

I’m trying to decide if I want to get it surfaced. The whole table top was surfaced with a huge flycutter I’m guessing. (blanchard ground?) the swirl marks look like 24″ in diameter.

lathe accessories


However I don’t know if it has warped any between cutting it free from the table top, and bolting the risers to it.

wood lathe accessories


I don’t have a precision straightedge so I’m not sure how warped it may be, and I feel the cost of a straightedge will be half of what it costs to get it surfaced.

If I do go to a machine shop I will probably get them to cut the pocket that I will insert steel strips to act as the rail reference edge.

Anyways here are a couple pics, hopefully I can get some more work done on it soon.

One question for everyone..

The 15mm rails are bolted down with dinky m4 screws, and the recommended torque is like 5 newton meters.

Is this going to be able to hold the rail down tight enough? I’m guessing the rails are rated for way more than they will see, it just seems like they could have squeezed an m5 in there.

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