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Mobile planer stand

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I’ve been using my Dewalt 735 on a WorkMate 225 bench… it actually worked very well, as I was able to use the vise action to grip the base so it couldn’t slide around at all. Another option might be to bolt the planer to a chunk of 3/4 ply or MDF, and have a cleat screwed to the under side that could be gripped by the Workmate.

planer cutter head


My current plan is to make a fairly substantial cart for it to ride around in and to store stuff in. I just got the extension infeed/outfeed tables for the planer, so with the planer measuring approx 24″ deep, plus 9″ on each side for the extra tables… I figured I’d make the top a little longer still just to ‘protect’ the tables from getting banged on things too much. Then again, I just remembered they do fold (I think, haven’t installed them yet) so hopefully I won’t have to make it so long.

cordless planer


Otherwise… I planned on making basically a box, w/ reinforcing ‘ribs’ under the bottom and under the top, and a couple drawers in between for storing various hand tools, etc. I have some 5″ casters kicking around so those are the obvious candidates to stick on there.

types of planers


I think I’m off to double check those tables… if they are foldable, that’ll greatly reduce the size I’m looking at needing (otherwise I was looking at something like almost 4′ long by 30″ wide by 30″ tall)

I guess thats another question for you guys… the 735 has that handle sticking out to the side… would you make the cart as wide as just the planer itself (~24″) or as wide as the planer + the handle protrusion (30″) to prevent it getting banged up or snagging on things as it would stick out otherwise?

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