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Ridgid 13 inch thickness planer model r4331 review

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The Total Shop unit wasn’t the most reliable thing. The last time that I tried to use it, it chewed up the wood. It actually fed the wood through and it looked like the machine was eating it. When it did work, it produced quite a bit of snipe. Needless to say, I didn’t have a lot of confidence with this tool and because of that, it sat on a shelf in my shop collecting dust.

ridgid 13 inch thickness planer


Prior to acquiring the Total Shop unit, I had my eyes on the Ridgid model that came out before the R4331. I never pulled the trigger to get one because most of the wood that I had bought came from Home Depot and the other large box stores. So everything was already dimentioned, planed and square. This seemed to work out for me, but I was paying quite a bit for my lumber.

ridgid 13 planer


Recently, I started working with some of the exotic woods and in order to make them affordable, I’ve been buying wood that is rough cut one the edges and in either 4/4 or 8/4 thickness. Besides saving money on my wood, I can now control the thicknesses of my stock. A little resawing and then it is off to the thickness planer.

ridgid 13 thickness planer


My biggest concern when I first started using the Ridgid thickness planer was whether or not I was going to have to deal with a lot of snipe. I hate the idea of having to start off with a longer piece of wood because I need to cut off the snipe caused by a thickness planer.

ridgid planer stand


My concerns were laid rest almost immediately. The Ridgid unit has a locking mechanism that locks the cutting head into place once you have it set. The minimizes the amount of movement in the cutting head that causes snipe. This lock works extremely well and is very easy to operate. I think that it is my favorite feature on this unit.

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