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Diy unfinished wood painting

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Last week Charles was travelling for his full-time job and I saw this as an opportunity to see my mom. My mom is the ultimate hobbyist, you know. She has a lot of hobbies like fabric painting, painting, lace making (I make diy lace bowls with those laces) and unfinished wood crafts.

unfinished small wood boxes


I suggested her to paint some wood boxes together (so that I can both learn and take photos for this post ; ) Thank God we didn’t need to go and buy some stuff, cause there were a couple of boxes already. We painted two jewellery boxes together while gossiping. It was so fun!

small unfinished wooden boxes


First you need to choose an unfinished wood for yourself. You don’t have to paint wood boxes, there are also very nice unfinished wood letters you can buy online.Hobby shops generally sell sanded unfinished wood but sanding it again will not hurt. Don’t forget to buy a sanding block too.

unfinished wood box


If you are interested in wood painting or unfinished wood crafts as a hobby, buying wood paints as a set is more profitable. But some people just paint wood furniture in their houses to give a make over to their furniture. If that’s the case, just buy whatever color and material you need for that specific project.

unfinished wood jewelry box


Wood Painting

These were our unfinished wood boxes. One was a very beautiful jewellery box, the other one was shaped like a book and the last one was just a square box. We planned to try different techniques on those unfinished woods. Therefore I seperated this post into parts. You can find all those finished end products at the bottom the post.

wood box unfinished


Before start painting the wood, try it on a paper. You might want to add white and change the color or mix other colors to find the perfect one you like. You can always paint it again (after the paint on the wood dries) but why waste more paint?

Painting wood is so easy and fun. At first it’s like painting the walls at first.В If you are talented in painting, you can draw whatever you like on your painted wood.

We preferred to draw silver lines on the indented parts on our first jewellery box.

Make sure that you use a thin brush for indents and for the edges.

My mom also had some ready to paint ceramic flowers, we used those too. The ones who are interested in ceramic painting, this is the post you are looking for.

Decoupage Decoupage means to decorate an object (a painted wood box in this case) by gluing paper (that are cutout) onto the wood. Often people combine decoupage with paint effects but we did not have the necessary materials for that. So we made a plain decoupage and finished it with a couple of layers of varnish. If you are interested in special effects of decoupage, try sanding the paper after the first varnishing process to give an aged look.

First, you need to cut out your image. We found these flowers online. (There are really good free images online)

Before gluing, make plan. Put the paper on different places, see and find the best place for decoupage. After gluing, it will be too late to change its place.

We used simple glue for this project. I know there are some special glues for decoupage, if you have them use them but any adhesive in the house works fine.

Creating Textures

To create textures on you painted unfinished wood, you can use whatever you like. You just need another colour (or a different shade). Kitchen sponge, brushes, wires all fine.

Pour some paint on a small plate, dip the sponge into the paint, start creating texture on the wood.

I also tried using a brush but it needs practice to give effect with brushes I guess. I’m not happy with the result.

Taking painting unfinished wood as a hobby can be costly. Also you can’t cover all over the house with painted wood : ) My mom stopped painting unfinished wood when there’s nobody left who did not receive her works as a gift (at least for twice!). So may be practicing with unfinished wood and then giving a make over to the furniture in the house is better idea than thinking unfinished wood painting as a lifetime hobby.

PS: Thanks mom for still teaching me new things : )

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