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How to make a 24 inch wooden star with a 2×4

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I use the same exact jig to make an eight inch star all the way up to a 48 inch star. The jig itself does not change. The jig is simply used to cut the angles needed to construct a star. The length of the boards that you start with determine the overall diameter of the star and the width of the boards determine the sizes of solid stars you can make.

large wood plaques unfinished


I use the following sizes of initial boards to make either 3/4" or 1 1/2" thick:

12 inch stars = 5 boards 6 inches long X 3.5" wide

21 inch stars = 5 boards 11 inches long X 3.5" wide (larges solid star at this width of wood)

27 inch star = 5 boards 14.5 inches long X 3.5" wide (these stars will have a star cut out in the center)

unfinished wood cutouts shapes


48 inch star = 5 boards 24 inches long X 7.25 wide (makes a solid 4 foot star)

on an 8 inch star you would start with 5 boards cut at 4.5 inches long or so. Width is not so important because when you make the cuts there is a piece that goes to waste with each cut.

pre cut wood shapes


as you can see for a given size finished star you divide the finished size by 2 and cut the initial boards to that length.

unfinished wood candlesticks


What changes with the sizes you make is the stop pin placement on the jig for a certain size of star. Also the placement of the hold down clamp as werll. Make the jig and start making some stars and you will get a feel for where to place the stops and the fence. Hope this helps! Be Safe! Duncan

wooden stars


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