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5 of the best selling wood crafts on etsy (plus a tour of successful woodworking shops!)

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How to succeed with wooden sign-making

The most successful sign-makers on Etsy have an excellent sense of typography (fonts) and composition. They know how to put words into a rectangle in a way that pleases the eye and puts emphasis in the right places. They’re pretty clever when it comes to choosing what to say. I found plenty of signs decorated with stretched out Comic Sans, and if youВ have no ideaВ why that’s horrifying, you may have an uphill battle building a successful Etsy business out of sign-making. But ifВ you’re great with text and graphicВ design (and marketing your shop),В there’s alwaysВ room for freshВ talent!

Just beware…

The painted wooden sign category on Etsy is saturated. Thank a low barrier to entry (paint words onto wood, done!) and a pretty much endless variety of things to say. Signs can be heavy and awkward to ship, so costs could end up being a concern, too. Sign-making suffers a little bit from “I could make that myself” syndrome, though the best signsВ are clearly the result of a talented eye and a steady hand.

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Laser-Cut Wood Crafts

Laser-engraved and laser-cut wood is a little off the beaten path as far as handmade crafts go, butВ the resultsВ are professional and stunning to look at. This woodcraft category definitely does not suffer from “I could make that myself” syndrome, and there is some truly unique stuff out there. It’s also aВ pretty untapped market (and what few artisans there are in this space seem to be doing well with hundreds, if not thousands, of sales) and potentially a lot more lucrative than sign painting.

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Here are a few laser-cut wood craft shops to inspire you!

TheLaserCo (437 sales)В Don’t let the “low” sales number fool you, this very successful laser-cut woodworking shop just opened in January 2014 (meaning this shop is making well over a sale a day!).

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The entire Essex line of benches and chairs have been designed to present a grand scale

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