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Build a humble leg vice for woodworking

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By Richard Maguire on August 24, 2012 inVices & Work HoldingWorkbenches

5 Building a Face Vice? Follow Step By Step As We Build & Install The Vice In Our English Workbench Series.

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With all of the time I’ve spent lately developing Crosses and Shafts for a pin less leg vice it’s been easy for me to loose sight of just how good the simple original really is. It had always been my favourite face vice because no matter what I threw at it it could do the job and clamped 10x as strong as I would ever need. But once I began to sell workbenches I felt that there would be some persuasion needed to encourage others to choose this historic relic over what they were used to. Perceived as a hassle to use, the humble leg vice needed a make over, so we took it through several stages of development since we started out and the current Shaft System is certainly winning people around.

wood working vise


Today I fitted a leg vice in a way that I hadn’t attempted in quite some time; using just a simple parallel guide and that unsung hero, the ‘pin’. I had expected the vice to disappoint, but instead it made me question just why I needed to alter it in the first place! Ok, so the shaft does make the vice super smooth and pin less, but for something so humble today’s leg vice really did work a treat and I would certainly advice anyone who thinks that building with a pinless leg vice might be a touch on the expensive side, to not dismiss the vice in its original and simple form!

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P.S I’m being completely honest here, so I can’t avoidВ adding that a large diameter wooden screw, really is in a league of its own within any vice.В If you do feel like splashing out with your leg vice, sod the pinless systems and opt for a wooden screw!

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