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10 best garden storage solutions and ideas – planted well

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This durable Large Outdoor Storage Box from Rubbermaid is our tenthВ choice. You can store all outdoor items and garden accessories neatly inside the box. It is perfect for storing large equipment, bicycles, mowers, trash cans and others. Its rollers permitВ you to easily open it vertically. It comes with eight wall anchors to keep all your things organized.В Unlike wood and metal sheds, this shed will not rot, dent, or rust.

rubbermaid outdoor shed


Volume:В 240 Gallons

  • Pros: Double-walled construction.
  • Impact-resistant flooring.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Cons: Needs assembly using common household tools.
  • Benefits Using of Garden Storages
  • Gardens are beautiful when they are neat and clean. However, with the many tools you may have, gardens can be a messy problem that you have to deal with day by day.

    outdoor rubbermaid storage



    When it comes to properly arranging your gardening tools and other materials, there is no best and handy solution than a garden storage. Garden storages may be small or large enough to store your things. Not only can you keep gardening tools on storage boxes, you can also keep sports equipment, patio furniture cushions, and pool supplies.

    rubbermaid outdoor storage units


    Easy Access

    Not only does a garden storage minimize clutter in your garden, it also effectively arranges your tools and equipment for easier access. Most outdoor storage boxes can open for up to 90 degrees so you can easily get anything you want at a glance. Since garden storages are small enough to store things, it will also be easier for you to remember which items you placed inside it. When you know which items you placed in the box, it would be a lot easier for you to get them.

    Save Time A well-arranged and well-organized garden storage can go a long way. It can save you time when looking for a specific gardening tool. You do not have to spend a lot of time going here and there just to find a trowel, a shovel, or a fertilizer.

    Save Energy

    When you know where to get something, you can also save your energy and effort in looking for it. You should be spending your energy in doing other important and productive activities like planting a new tree, cleaning the garden, watering the plants, garden edging, and landscaping. Instead of spending time looking for the item you need to complete a task, you can spend your time starting what you want to do immediately.

    Protect Gardening Tools

    AВ garden storage can keep your tools unharmed. A garden storage serves as a safe place that protects your tools from harmful things like the weather, dust, rust, and many more. You can find storages boxes that are water-resistant, weather-resistant, UV-protected, leak-proof, dent-resistant, and impact-resistant. Whichever type of benefit you need, you will surely find great picks above!

    Save Money When your tools are protected, it saves you more money since you would not need to keep buying a new tool when the old one becomes unusable. You also save money when you easily find the things you need, especially small tools. You do not have to buy new gloves, scissors, and many more.

    Dual Purpose

    Garden storage boxes have the similar size with benches. There are many garden storage boxes that are also made for sitting. Typically, two persons can seat on those types of outdoor boxes.

    Garden storage boxes will not only bring many benefits for you and your family, it is will also serve you for a lifetime. With garden storage, you will never have to worry about where to store your things. Additionally, your will never have to look at an unsightly garden with too much clutter. You can always learn how to declutter easily. Enjoy your daily gardening activities with a well-arranged garden and accessible tools. Start saving yourself with your precious time, energy, and money. Your daily gardening activities do not have to be a pain in the ass. Have a relaxing daily routine and enjoy sitting on one of your garden storage. If you need a bigger outdoor storage, you can also check the best garden sheds.

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