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Diy wooden box centerpiece for a fall wedding

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These boxes give your tables a beautiful, rustic look that is especially stunning once it’s filled with a fall floral arrangement that spills out over the sides. And with a black stain, these centerpieces take on a slightly modern appearance, which looks sharp with crisp white dishes and black napkins.

diy wooden box


To efficiently make enough boxes for your tables, create them all at one time like an assembly line – doing all of your cutting at once, then all of your assembling, then all of your staining, etc. Here’s how to create these easy pieces for any fall event:

easy wooden box


  • Supplies 1 x 4 whitewood board
  • 1 x 6 whitewood board
  • Miter saw Wood glue
  • Clamps Power drill
  • Wood screws
  • Electric sander
  • Sandpaper Black wood stain
  • Polycrylic Disposable brushes
  • Directions Step 1: Use a miter saw to cut a 1 x 6 to 24″ as the base of the box. Then cut a 1 x 4 into two 24″ pieces for the long side pieces, as well as two 4″ pieces for the short end pieces. Feel free to adjust these dimensions to suit the size of your tables.

    wooden box diy


    Step 2: Dry-fit your boards to understand how you will assemble it. The 1 x 4 x 4″ pieces create a butt-joint inside the 1 x 4 x 24″ pieces, and they all sit right on top of the 1 x 6 base.

    Step 3: Use wood glue to assemble the sides together and clamp for at least a half hour. Be careful to wipe away any wood glue drips immediately because dried glue will not accept stain later. You may want to add some small finishing nails along these connections for extra security, but I opted not to.

    Step 4: Once dry, flip the assembled sides upside down and use more wood glue to attach the bottom. Clamp down for a tight fit. Meanwhile, use a drill to pre-drill and screw every few inches to ensure a strong construction.

    Step 5: Use an electric sander on all sides until the transitions are smooth. Then clean off all the dust with a cloth.

    Step 6: Outdoors, apply your stain of choice with a disposable brush. Allow to dry.

    Step 7: Once dry, brushing on a protective coat of polycrylic.

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