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Jackson H. says: “I’m not lying! There was a bear in there sitting on the toilet!” posted to Write a funny caption for this photo.

cool wood projects


Caveman says: “Has anyone tried grapeseed extract?” posted to De-Stinking Water Bottles.

MEMORIES says: “OH MY GOSH, i am a life scout at age 13 and i remember this comic when its issue came out!” posted to Pee Wee Harris Looks at Forestry (Mar. 2010).

interesting wood projects


sharpshooter says: “score : 10390 Hits:181 Misses: 38

unfortunately it gets a little bit boring after the first level, oh well i guess most games do though” posted to Pee Wee’s Pea Shooter.

projects with wood


Boots says: “Well if you are not familiar with real live cowboy boots you should know they come in all kinds of heel height and traction… If you are comfortable wearing them, wear them. If you are an Urban Cowboy then…stick to your citified walking shoes. I’ve walked miles and miles in cowboy boots (we just call them boots, cause, well, that’s what they are) with no issues.” posted to Wear cowboy boots on a hike?.

Born Alaskan says: “Alright you caught me!” posted to Write a Funny Caption For This Photo.

says: “What about for us girls? Hard to aim.” posted to Hate leaving the tent to pee at night.

Bob says: “I love these lunchboxes they are tasty” posted to Write a funny caption for this photo.

P says: “Hiking with cowboy boots?? That’s like hiking with cotton gym socks. Asking for major trouble.” posted to Wear cowboy boots on a hike?.

ASM Delorge says: “Will just any charcoal briquette work? I can’t imagine that it is safe to use one that is pre-treated with lighter fluid.” posted to De-Stinking Water Bottles.

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