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A Platform Bed – Make a Surprise for your Sweetheart

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Casual things bother. I am going to tell you how easy it is to make a bedroom the best place in the house by choosing a platform bed. Don’t think that it will cost you much money and efforts. You will enjoy it!

diy platform bed plans

Platform bed plans do not need anything supernatural. You just have to want it and own a certain sum of money. These kips are good for several reasons. First of all, the platform serves as an excellent support for the mattress, allowing sleeping in comfort, which is especially useful for those who have back problems. The cost of the bed is reduced by half, eliminating the need for spring mattresses. People who have a woodman’s skills consider this variant to be especially attractive because they can make in a home studio with their own hands. This bed is also good for are roomy drawers for storing linen which are built in the basis of the construction. The platform can be formed by half which allows replacing the bed. Nevertheless, this kip fits well in the furniture wall. The result is an extremely functional and attractive bedchamber set that you can be proud of.

loft bed plans

These beds are very simple and modern. They are usually made of wood, and have a flat surface on which the mattress is. Proper form and sleek design have been developed to suit today’s bedrooms. I can definitely say that this kind of bed does not have any frills.

platform bed frame plans

If you are short of money, ask for a specialist’s help. A good woodman will offer you platform bed frame plans to choose the most suitable from. You can also ask him to make a certain number of drawers or decorate the frame.

platform bed plans

You can also use your imagination and add some minutiae to complement the interior. Horse bedroom décor is a good idea for a bedchamber. Choose bedclothes or wallpapers with funny little horses or one noble animal with a thick mane and serious eyes. Look for thematic things with equines: vases, photo frames, rugs, curtains, lamps, statuettes and other pretty elements of the room interior.

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