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Be a Captain of your Dreams in the Captain’s Bed!

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Bed design gives us an ability to turn a common bedstead into something extraordinary and nice. I’d eagerly tell you how to become the captain of your dreams with the help of unusual kip called captain’s bed.

captain's bed

Most people prefer simple furniture. However, you can make your room more spacious and light if you choose each of pieces correctly and place them harmoniously. Captain’s kip with shelves is a good decision for any bedchamber especially when it is small. Kids will appreciate it, be sure. A comfortable and functional children’s bed with drawers and shelves in the headboard is a very useful thing as your little one can sleep on it, keep his toys, books, pencils, sketchbooks, magazines, and other things in the chests and shuttles. Some people find this furniture too expensive, but think for a while: you save much space and don’t have to buy shelves and a chest of drawers separately. Moreover, you can buy this kip even cheaper if you find a good woodman, look through several captain’s bed plans and choose what you want. Americans and Europeans use these beds. Unfortunately, they are not popular in Russia and cannot be seen in most shops.

captains bed plans

If you kid is under 5, choose a bedstead with borders which protect the child from falling out during sleep. You can also place linens, clothes, towels, crèmes and lotions for children in drawers. They will be always at hand at any moment.

Think of the color. White captain’s bed is a good choice as it will look great in any interior. You can also choose brown, beige, green, pink, yellow, chocolate or blue tones. Avoid dark gamma and too heavy wood.

white captains bed

In the end, I want to emphasize that your option should be based on your personal and kid’s preferences. A wide assortment can help to find what you want and your imagination will serve great in creating the individual bedroom style and interior.  Don’t forget about accessories, bright blankets and funny pillows.

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