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Childrens Bedroom Décor Ideas for an Original Kid’s Room

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A room for kids just must attract with its brightness, fervour and singularity. We offer you some popular kids bedroom ideas to make your kid feel absolutely happy with his/her own room.

childrens bedroom decor

Kids Bedroom Designs

If you devote design of the kids room in your house to a specific theme (your child’s favorite fairy-tale, cartoon or activity), it’s definitely going to be a hit. Does your son adore “Star Wars” and imagines himself to be Darth Vader? It’s not complicated at all to create a room in the style of a space flight. Opt for wallpaper of deep blue color, bright planet prints for the bed linen and covers, cosmic designs of aliens in the frames, and you’ve got a room of his dream!

In case you don’t want to stick to a specific theme, but still want a bright childish room for your daughter or son, a rainbow bedroom is a great solution. A variety of colors will suit an active child. Orange color of the walls will serve a bright background for the light-colored furniture and natural wooden floor. A multi-colored garland trimming the perimeter of the room at the ceiling and bright mosaic bed linen will do fine for both girls and boys.

kids bedroom decorating ideas

Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Vinyl decorative stickers are a quick way to decorate a room for kids. You may opt for stickers, gleaming at night. The variety of shapes is wide: stars, figures of favorite animals, letters, numbers or whatever your child will pick.

kids bedroom designs

An original idea is to make a painting of a tree on one wall and place the best pictures of your child in frames on its branches. As your kid is growing, the tree will be provided with more and more touching pictures.

Letter or number décor on the wall is not only beautiful, it has a practical educational purpose for kids of pre-school and early school age. Make each letter or number of different bright color. This way your little one will memorize them better.

kids bedroom ideas

Childrens bedroom décor offers you freedom and the widest choice of options. You may resort to the help of a professional artist to make a creative wall painting or molding or to decorate the room with your and your child’s joint efforts. Something very simple yet meaningful you can do is to create an exhibition of your child’s works on the wall.

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