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Ideas on the Choice of a Special Bed

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This choice is a very responsible matter as your rest and relaxation of full value and well-being depend on how comfortable you feel in your sleep. Here are some interesting facts for you.

double bed headboard

Unique Beds

Does it matter for you what to sleep on? Designers will never run out of ideas. What would you say about sleeping right under the ceiling? It’s possible with a BedUp. Its unique construction is fixed to the ceiling and the degree of its lifting can be regulated. It goes up and down like an elevator! Well, besides its unique predestination, it’s also very functional as it helps to save space. Other interesting constructions may look like a fairy-tale ship, a half of an egg shell or even a coffin! It’s made of hard pine wood, painted in black, lacquered and has a movable lid, decorated with a hand-made cross. The inside is trimmed with velvet. Everything is for your comfort! A more optimistic variant is a bed where the pillars have the shape of the trees joining their branches together above the bed to hold a nest. Or there’s an option in a shape of a person sleeping on his side. And that’s, as you understand, the only position you may sleep in!

round beds

Round Beds

They are quite original too. What would you say about sleeping on a hamburger with the related bed linen? The pillow, for example, is a green slice of cucumber, a sheet with curly edges is a light green lettuce leaf and a there’s a blanket with sesame seeds on top.

unique beds

A round-shaped bed is meant for spacious rooms but if you choose it, undoubtedly, it will be the hit of your bedroom. Being comfortable and showy, it brings in romantic notes into your interior design.

There are constructions with round platforms and a traditional rectangular shape of the mattress or entirely round beds, presented in a variety of natural materials and colorings. If you opt for black leather, complete the whole luxurious look of your sleeping place with zebra bedding.

zebra bedding

Buying furniture for sleep, we usually focus on a double one. The question of what double bed size is, interests many people. The dimensions are 55-63 inches wide and 75 -79 inches long. However, nowadays furniture may be manufactured according to your wishes as to the size, color and material choice.

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