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Japanese Style Bed: A Combination of Simplicity, Functionality and Comfort

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Elements of oriental culture like sushi or tea ceremonies are gaining more and more popularity in our life. Let’s learn more about such an important interior object as a bed in Japanese style.

japanese bed

Japanese Style Bed

It will create  an exotic atmosphere of the east in your room. It’s low, simple, elegant, functional and blends perfectly with the modern interior designs. It attracts even more, being so different from its traditional counterparts with massive carved backs, or metallic ones with the pillars at the corners, we are used to. Without a blanket or with a day cover such a bed will look great in the living room. A characteristic feature of this construction for sleep is wooden planks to support the mattress. This elegant item of furniture is manufactured from the natural wood massif. For darker coloring, beech joiner’s shield is applied and for lighter hues, ash tree massif will do the best. Besides, you may order this furniture item to be manufactured of any size or color, including white or ivory, with a back in minimalist design or without any.

japanese floor bed

Japanese Platform Bed

Actually it’s a construction from wood or metal with a group of planks, substituting for a traditional mattress or mattress springs. In Japan such beds were covered with tatami and cotton quilted blankets on top.

japanese platform bed

A modern platform bed has a hard surface and is made of wood of high quality. The most aesthetic variants are manufactured from the walnut tree or bamboo. They may or may not have a back but they are always very wide and this contributes to an amazing visual effect.

japanese style bed

If you are thinking of acquiring furniture like this, you will be definitely satisfied with a wonderful combination of simplicity and comfort in the modern understanding. Sleep on a Japanese bed is close to the ideal. And in sleep you spend 1/3 of your life! So this item is, definitely, more than worthwhile.

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