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Smart Solutions for Modern Bedroom Designs

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A bedroom is associated with comfort, bliss and complete relaxation. Besides, it’s so desirable to make this room to the taste of its owner. You are welcome to learn more about modern bedroom designs.

contemporary bedroom design

Contemporary Bedroom Design

Only you know the best, what style to choose. Whether it’s laconic hi-tech, refined classic or predatory ethno, the main thing is that you are in harmony with it.

Modern interior solutions allow using the space with maximal benefit. A tall ceiling, for example, presents an opportunity to mount a bed on the 2nd level. The bottom floor may be used for a closet or a study. Problems with limited space are easy to solve with transforming furniture.

The items that you have had for some years may be refreshed with re-painting. Various stylistic solutions of painted furniture designs may be achieved with decorative paints with an effect of iridescent surface, wood rottenness, antique cracks, metallic sparkles or gilt, etc. Choosing this or that type of decorative coating, you can create stylized furniture for Barocco, high-tech, modern or retro interior.
modern bedroom designs

Consider multi-leveled ceiling with bizarre curved lines. Soft illumination and a pleasant atmosphere are the basis the specialists rely on while making the project. You may add some unexpected elements like, for example, a small swimming pool with a bed, towering above it in its centre.

Cotton coating for walls are perfect. They are durable and elastic, like polymeric coating, and “breathe”, like emulsive ones. Besides, they allow conveying various textures to the wall surfaces. The floor is better to make from natural wood.

painted furniture designs

Working on the design begins from projecting and after, décor adorns your room with a final original finish. Natural materials and colors are always appropriate in a bedroom. It’s better to avoid sharp bright tones because the general atmosphere in this room should set your mind and body at rest.

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