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Cast aluminium 3 piece bistro set with cushions – black

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Before you start

Your furniture features toughened glass with a nominal thickness of 5mm. If broken, toughened glass is designed to shatter into small pieces to reduce the risk of injury.

aluminum bistro set


Please take extra care not to drop, scratch or damage the glass during assembly as this may lead to it shattering.

colorful bistro set


If the glass is chipped or broken, stop using the product.

To avoid damage and risk of injury

Do not place components directly onto patios or other abrasive surfaces where they may become damaged.

rattan bistro set


Do not use furniture if any parts are missing or broken.

Do not climb or stand on any part of the furniture or allow children to play on or around the furniture.

blue bistro set


Do not place very hot or very cold items directly on the glass surface.

Do not sit or stand upon the glass surface.

Do not strike the glass with hard or pointed items, or use the glass as a chopping surface.

Do not use washing powders or any other substances containing abrasives, since these substances scratch glass.

yellow bistro set


Lift the table when moving it. Do not drag along the ground.

Toughened glass can withstand high impact but is not indestructible. It is designed to shatter like a car window if damaged. This is most likely to occur if struck hard by a sharp object, dropped onto its edge on to a hard surface or blown over in strong winds.

In rare instances, if toughened glass is badly scratched or chipped this can lead to the glass breaking of its own accord. Damage to the glass (not always visible) can get worse until it reaches a critical point when it will shatter. This is not a fault in the glass, this is how the glass is intended to behave if damaged.

If your glass is broken upon opening the box please contact customer services for assistance.

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