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The Frontier Stoves are extremely popular among camping people.

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Frontier has done an excellent job by specifically designing this stove for the convenience of campers. Many people have used it in different weather conditions and it has provided great results to all of them. This fact can clearly be seen from the customer testimonials available on the Internet. The Frontier stoves were initially designed for the use in disaster zones and for humanitarian aid. Now it is a popular device among campers because of the unique design and features. This review will let you know how fascinating the Frontier Stove is.

wood burning camp stove


Frontier has given a solid design for this stove and it assist you to use the product according to the way you want. Even though it has a solid design, the weight is significantly low, which help campers when travelling from one place to another. The legs of this lock well to the ground both in open and closed positions. This feature enhance the mobility of this product. It is equipped with a well-designed damper which ensure proper air control inside the stove. You can use this in order to control the amount of fuel burnt and get the ideal temperature for your health and cooking purposes.

camping wood stove


The flue sections of Frontier stove slot well into each other to form a stable and rigid chimney. You can place the stainless steel water heater with the help of this and stay away from hassle. The water heater is equipped with a user friendly carry handle and a tap. The slid over lid makes an airtight seal for the Frontier stove and it will eliminate the formation of dirt or debris inside the stove.

camping stoves

The fuel burning capability of Frontier stove is impressive. This fact has played an important role behind the popularity of this stove. When the stove is loaded with fuel, the users need to make sure that the damper is fully open in order to allow the maximum air flow. Ensuring this will help you to enjoy the maximum benefits of this stove. You can use it for most of your camping activities such as heating water or making food. According to the customer testimonials, the Frontier stove has helped campers to make delicious food with less hassle.

single burner camp stove


The Frontier Stove is a great user friendly stove available for the people in the present world. It is a wood burner and you don’t need to look for gas canisters. This stove is portable and you can carry it anywhere you go. This can be used as a heater or as a stove. The price of the stove is perfectly affordable and the benefits you get are totally worth for the amount you pay. Therefore, any person who is looking for a high quality, user-friendly stove can purchase it.

camp stove


primus camp stove

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