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Here at Attwoolls we stock a large range of camping chairs including folding camping chair, beach chairs, superlite camp chairs in many different colours and styles. You don’t have to be uncomfortable while you are camping! We sell a great range of camping furniture, including comfortable and versatile camping chairs, to help you prepare for your next trip.

camping lounge chair


Check out our range of camping chairs, from reclining chairs, loungers, folding camp chairs, including the ones with drink holders. We even stock inflatable chairs and sofas! We have kids camping chairs in bright designs, stools and moon chairs with their own carry bag. Some of our camping stools are ideal for fishing or taking to shows or picnics. Our lounger chairs are perfect for relaxing with a cool drink either in the garden, or when camping. Lightweight and great quality, our chairs for camping are also at very competitive prices.

low back camping chairs


We stock the type of chairs which are ideal to sit at a table with – compact chairs, folding chairs, fits in nicely at a table in order to eat. We also stock lightweight camping stools and chairs, for minimalist campers, where space is at a premium. Some camping stools double up as a small, low camping table.

Going on from that, we sell reclining camping chairs, relaxer chairs, which could be suitable for camping, if you have the room, but most certainly caravanning chairs. Then there are the recliner chairs, such as the Lafuma RSX and others like it. Very relaxing, supremely comfortable, but possibly a little big if you are going camping in a small or medium car!

As an extra, small chairs are useful for children – make them feel special and give the kids a chair all of their own! Our range of reclining chairs include the renowned Lafuma RSXA reclining chairs with their completely adjustable positioning – sit upright or lay right back and soak up the sun, or any position in between.

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