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Lap desk with light – 5 choices – kids.woot

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With this lap desk and built-in light, you can do anything! Anything at all! Even stuff you didn’t previously care about!

kids lap desk


The strongest advertising in the world? The words “That’s not for you.”

Tonight, Olivia sat on her bed, a glass of ice water in her Lap Desk’s cupholder, drawing out a little football schedule under the light of the 12″ goose neck lamp. It was the first time she had ever seen most of these team names because she didn’t much care for the game. She never watched it, she never played it, she never even bothered to learn the rules besides “throw the ball that way as you run.” But the moment her mother pointed out the football player on the front of the lap desk and said “Oh, Olivia, that’s not something you’d want, is it? Not with that drawing.” Olivia made up her mind. THE DESK WOULD BE HERS.

kids lap table


And of course, this Lap Desk worked the same as any other Lap Desk. It was padded on her lap and easy to carry, and Olivia could use it in her bed, or on the couch, or even in the lounger on the patio. Normally, that would be that, and she’d pop in 3 AA batteries and enjoy some late-night reading. But her mother, HER OWN MOTHER, had implied that there was some restriction which could be put upon their shared gender simply because of societal norms. And THAT would never do.

kids portable lap desk


Olivia still wasn’t really a fan of football. But that no longer mattered. Now she HAD to learn it. Because it was one thing to choose. But to be TOLD what you could and could not do? Such injustice would not stand.

lap desks for kids


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