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Dress up your dinner table with these modern dining table decor ideas – bif usa

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Dressing your dinner table with stylish modern dining table decor is a great way to set the ambiance of a special meal, occasion or a family dinner. Believe it or not, setting a beautiful table doesn’t have to be complicate, expensive or time consuming, in fact, with these simple tips you can set decorate your dinner table in a easily, and inexpensively. Modern decor is punctuated by clean lines, lack of clutter, and simple colors, the following ideas are perfect to suit modern dining rooms.

modern kitchen table chairs


1) Use Runners

Adding an elegant runner is a great way to add some style and elegance, without the inconvenience of a table cloth. Choose a runner that matches the style and color of your room and plate set. Keep it simple, with either a solid color or geometric shapes that tie into to the look of your room.

glass modern dining table


2) Sticks in a Vase

This is a great winter or fall dining table decorating idea, and is the perfect mix of elegant, modern and earthy. Make sure not to over do it, three square holders of different heights with a few sticks in water or oil is all you really need. To add a little more elegance, use fine silver wire to fasten a few rough crystals to the twigs.

modern dining table chairs


3) Candles Arrangements

Candles tend to add a homey feel to any home, even if they aren’t lit. An elegant place with A few candles arranged on sand or pebbles make a great modern dining table decoration. Candles are also aromatic and can be bought to suit you likes in the dining room.

modern dinner table


4) Topiary in a Jar

Miniature topiaries are becoming increasingly popular for modern tables, and can be an added interest piece in the room. Arranges in odd numbers, the pieces can be a great conversations starter, adding a touch of green and unique modern style to the dining table. Make sure you ask the seller about the plants needs to ensure they are able to survive with the lighting you provide.

5) Low Hanging Lights

If you are just getting your home built, low hanging light fixture with low watt warm lights can add a beautiful ambiance to your dining room, and enhance your dining experience. For longer tables, several lights can be installed using sleek modern fixtures to illuminate the food and cast a warm glow on the diners. If you entertain regularly, or love to enjoy long meals with the person you love, this might be a great investment.

Decorating your dining table with sleek, modern, elegance doesn’t have to be costly, in fact you can put together a beautiful table setting pretty easily. Using runner, simple decorations, and low hanging lights are all great ways to spice up dinner, and set the mood for enjoying a long, elegant meal. If you do use aromatic candles, make sure the scent isn’t too strong and wont’ detract from the meal you’ve prepared.

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