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Amazing vintage furniture for your home

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Nowadays vintage style has become more popular and widely used. Use your creative thinking to make your home look fabulous. You can also try to combine modern and vintage style as well.
modern vintage furniture

Add some luxury to your room with metal furniture. You may choose beautiful metal beds, romantic gazebos and pergolas and other home accessories. Metal is a material which is widely used in the manufacture of different pieces of furniture such as metal garden furniture, metal bed frames, unique restaurant furniture and others. Metal makes furniture incredibly easy to use and maintain.

Vintage chic is a really wonderful furniture design. The pieces look amazing in the bedroom, living room and anywhere! You can also create vintage chic furniture yourself. All you need is to take a great piece of furniture and paint it. You should give your piece some shabby chic. Don’t be discouraged by lousy finish or color of the wood: you will be covering this up. However, you should look for an excellent shape of the object and solid wood. Painted vintage chic furniture is best done if the wood is solid enough.

vintage chic furniture

Vintage metal furniture is also widely used to create elegant appearance in the outdoor area.  Besides, vintage metal bed frames can bring something unique and special into any bedroom. They are suitable for classically-decorated bedrooms as well as modern decorated design.

Vintage French furniture is not being produced today, so purchasing such fabulous pieces can be very exciting indeed.  In the 50s and 60s most manufactures offered their sets in a white finish and a natural wood finish.

vintage french furniture

Modern vintage furniture has also become widely used nowadays. It is not difficult to combine two design styles if you choose all décor elements wisely. Most vintage designs tent to be more elaborate, while modern one is usually minimalistic.

vintage metal furniture

If you decide to paint your furniture yourself, you should first strip of any previous lacquer, paint, vanish, or anything that will prevent the paint from the sticking.  Once you have it sanded enough, add a coat of primer, and the piece whatever color you choose. The best colors for vintage styles are white, light blue, cream and black.

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