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Charming French furniture styles

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France is a country which can brag about its long and rich art history. It is also famous by its decorative art of furniture making. You can also create a fabulous spirit of the ages at your home.

antique french furniture

French furniture styles:

  • Middle ages;
  • Renaissance (1515 – 1560);
  • Louis XIII furniture style;
  • Louis XIV furniture style;
  • Regence XVIII century French  furniture style;
  • Louis XV – French Rococo (1710 – 1774);
  • Directoire style  (the revolution);
  • Empire period (1804 – 1815);
  • Restoration
  • Louise Philippe (1830 – 1848);
  • Napoleon III.

french antique furniture

In the Middle Ages furniture was quite scarce. It is known for its medieval folk motifs. During the Renaissance period the main subjects were characters from mythology and antiquity such as nymphs, satyrs, friezes and so on. Furniture was made of oak, walnut or ebony. Louis XIII furniture style was influenced from the north. Metals started to be used in furniture. Louise XIV period is famous for its gilded bronze decoration and depicting of nymphs, goddesses, breaded fauns, etc. Rosewood, mahogany and walnut brought contrast in veneering at the time of Regence.

french furniture styles

The major characteristics of French rococo furniture are lightness, elegance, asymmetry and careful decorative accents. This style is well known for its interlacing shell decoration, flower and plant motifs, S scrolls and C scrolls.

Lots of different styles were influenced by many styles of Europe. However, antique French furniture had its distinct French style. One of the most important things that influenced these designs and styles was the reigning kings’ tastes and political influences.

french rococo furniture

French antique furniture is relatively large and crude. The design of this furniture reflects the Gothic style (13th – 15th centuries). Designs of furniture have become more elegant. The most popular designs at that time were floral and animal-based.

The latter French furniture styles borrowed elements from the preceding ones. At the time of Directorie style (the revolution) the design became simplified. The Empire period was popular for its Egyptian motifs. Restoration returned with decorative garlands and flowers. So, as you can see, France has a rich history of furniture styles, indeed. Choose any of them and enjoy the charm of ages!

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