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Charming vintage furniture

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If you are looking for some new ideas how to transform your home into something charming and fabulous, you may try vintage design. An amazing vintage décor will give you incredible feelings.

vintage baby furniture

It is very important to remember about taking the right care of your furniture. Proper cleaning is essential for vintage rattan furniture. Rattan, like wicker, is typically woven into backs of furniture and seats. These small bands of wood can destroy over time from age. If this occurs, you should take all necessary measures to ensure the repair is properly and long-lasting.

If you have vintage lane furniture, you should also remember about its right treatment. Refinishing a table of this type should be very careful, or else you can damage the wooden veneer. A particular construction of vintage lane tables allows using cheaper wood which is covered with more expensive wood on the top. If the wood veneer starts pulling away from the table, you should lift up on it and apply a layer of wood glue underneath. Place a heavy object on the table and let it stay overnight.

vintage bamboo furniture

Vintage lane furniture will definitely give your home lots of charm.  Lane is widely used for creating different types of wooden furniture such as cedar chests, coffee tables, end tables and other. Those tables have a wooden veneer on top and solid wooden legs.

Vintage bamboo furniture can be the ideal solution for your home, patio or porches. However, bamboo furniture requires some special repair from time to time. Most repairs can be completed with very little time and expense involved at home.

vintage lane furniture

You can also outfit your baby’s bedroom with vintage style. Nowadays more and more parents and families decorate the baby’s room with classic vintage style which is both elegant and baby-friendly. Vintage baby furniture can easily turn your baby’s room into a fairytale.

vintage rattan furniture

It is important to remember that regular dusting or cleaning with a cloth won’t penetrate the tiny areas between the strands of rattan. Do not neglect these areas, otherwise, dirt and moisture will lead to damage of the piece. So, for regular cleaning you’d better take a paintbrush and cut the bristles to approximately half their size. In such a way, they will penetrate between the woven rattans. For deep cleaning use a medium toothbrush.

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