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Japanese Furniture Design: Is There Anything More Beautiful?

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Neutral colors and simple lines, heavy hard woods and organic materials… What can be more fascinating? Choosing Japanese furniture design you get all these features in your place.

There is no wonder that so many people are really attracted by such pieces. They promote a sense of space and cleanliness. Eastern tendencies are getting more and more popular today and can be found in practically all houses.

contemporary furniture design

Modern designers tend to concentrate on the simplicity, using such materials as bamboo and rattan. I should say that dark wood is widely-spread as well. Such furniture keeps to minimum, simplicity and much space.

How to Create a Perfect Eastern Atmosphere?

To tell the truth, there are not so many things that should be done to arrange a contemporary furniture design is Japanese style. The first thing you have to do is to refuse from carpets on the floors. Use tatami mats instead. They are made of rice straw and are great for sleeping and sitting on. One of their most vivid features is a light tan color with black fabric borders. This creates a rather soothing and pleasing atmosphere.

interior design furniture

Pay special attention to coloring and shades, while picking other elements, because modern furniture design is characterized by lightly colored woods (white and beige) with accents of black lacquer, red, gold and green.

I recommend you to look for plain paper lamps and screens that can break up a comparatively large room in order to hide less attractive areas. There exists a huge variety of modern lamps which main task is to give subtle warmth to any area.

japanese furniture design

Besides their great advantage is the fact they can be found in different shapes and sizes. Don’t forget about couches, chairs and tables that are to be low. They are frequently called a Japanese-style stuff. As a rule, such things are made of heavy woods, but also have metal tops.

How to Make the Area Functional?

modern furniture design

Choose sturdy pieces on wooden platforms that offer more place for storage. The interior design furniture of this style can feature lots of cushions all around, a number of drawers, etc. The atmosphere such pieces create is frequently referred to as minimalistic. So if you make up your mind to attract visitors’ attention to you home, choose simple Japanese design and muted colors.

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