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Modern French Furniture: Contemporary Tendencies

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France is an arbiter of fashion not only when it comes to clothes, but furniture as well. You are welcome to learn more about contemporary tendencies in French interior designs.

french art deco furniture

Modern French Furniture

Interiors of French homes at present bear the traits of barocco or empire styles. Inclination to glitter and luster remains popular even today. Abundance of polished surfaces and mirrors helps to create an effect of plenty of light and extend the premises area visually. These are traditions. Besides them, forget details, rotang and polymers have been introduced. With all the innovations all the items remain refined and airy. Chests of drawers, secretaries of various heights with aesthetically finished handles, wooden beds with high backs, draped with patterned velvet or satin strike one’s imagination.

French outdoor furniture (Sifas, Honeymoon) is saturated with French Riviera spirits. Geometry and neatness of lines, handwork, best materials and methods of their processing make it super durable. Metal, coated with paint, undergoes glazing, which helps to withstand any temperature fluctuations or precipitation.

french industrial furniture

French industrial furniture, presented in a variety of items, like drawer consoles, iron bookshelves, industrial work benches and cabs, etc., is a blend of quality and boldness in design with high quality of materials (timber and iron) and competitive prices.

french country style furniture

French country style furniture is characterized by simplified and finely roughened details which are often made to look old and are covered with craquelure. Another feature is usage of light nuance hues in the interior. Lilac color or hues of dried lavender flowers are a typical palette here.

french outdoor furniture

French art deco furniture has rounded corners, energetic curved, broken, zigzag lines. Upholstery is made of quality leather with exotic finish. Other materials include ivory, shark, zebra, crocodile skins, rare kinds of wood. As decorative elements, geometrical shapes: triangles, circles from red or black wood, colored glass, are applied.

modern french furniture

French style bears the traits of gorgeousness and elegance. Many designers say about female character of this style because it is so delicate, romantic, extraordinary and incomprehensible in its harmony and supposedly random details. Perfect shapes, the beauty of texture of valuable wood kinds, intricate décor will bring joy to your eyes for many years to come.

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