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Shaker Furniture: Old-Fashioned Pieces for New Homes

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When it comes to home decoration, thousands of people face problems, while choosing various accessories and décor. I know that it may be rather problematic, but if you really want to make your place perfect, select Shaker furniture.

It is designed for all types of uses and includes chest of drawers, chairs, beds, bookcases, tables and cupboards. To its basic features belong utility, simplicity and craftsmanship. Many years ago it was believed that all these things were done in the spirit of religion.

adirondack rustic furniture

The woods the pieces are made from are pine, birch, solid maple, butternut and chestnut. Popular Victorian-era examples were produced mainly for public sale featured veneers. Speaking about the colors, it should be pointed out, that the most prominent of them are natural ones and those of wood patterns (red, green and yellow).

Choosing Genuine Woods

Antique Shaker furniture looks weather beaten and has the original paint, which is lighter than newer. It was told to be made for god as a kind of an attempt to draw people to modesty, equality, faith, and confession. I know that today, some men won’t agree to this, nevertheless Shaker pieces are not only great examples of old culture.

They are also nice things for a new décor. Why not pick side chairs, which are ideal for a little comfort? A ball joint allows them to be rocked back on the legs, while feet remain on the floor. Old cabinets are adored by those, who like tidiness and order.

antique shaker furniture

Corner pieces, chest of drawers and those for storage are produced with an amazing loving attention and consistency. Maple cabinets have pretty simple design and plain wooden knobs that belong to classic representatives of the antique accessories.

rustic baby furniture

If you are about to decorate your kitchen, why refuse from excellent dining and bread cutting tables that set a family of four. Today this style can be successfully transferred into your world. I believe that contemporary life can be quite easily supplemented by Shakers.

shaker furniture

Modern Appreciation of Old Things

Adirondack rustic furniture became rather noticeable among different people, who like polishing their sophisticated things. I’d like to offer you to pay special attention to this stuff. Free form designs from ash, willow, cedar, hickory, birch and ironwood will adorn any place, especially if this is rustic baby furniture.

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