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Glass coffee tables

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Glass coffee tables come in various shapes, designs and styles. That goes without saying. However, if you appreciate beautifully designed living room furniture with a modern aesthetic or minimalistic chic, then a glass coffee table from Bassett Furniture may be the perfect addition to your living room decor.

frosted glass coffee table


Glass says class. Not only does it look fantastic, it’s affordable and will blend in with almost any decor or living space. Made with tempered glass, Bassett’s glass coffee tables are practical and durable too. And nothing says modern quite like glass.

glass coffee table with shelf


Providing that perfect balance between chic and practical, the clean lines and contemporary look of a glass coffee table can bring out the best in your living room. At Bassett, you’ll find glass coffee tables with shelves and without, in various sizes, shapes and hard to find dimensions. With such a wide selection of tables to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect piece at a Bassett Furniture store near you.

rectangular glass coffee table


Glass is adaptable to almost any decor. Match your new glass coffee table with a pair of sleek and stylish end tables. Echoing the shape of other showcase pieces in your living room, the elegant curves and geometric shapes of your new glass furniture can perfectly complement your room’s modernistic decor. Simple yet sophisticated, a glass coffee table makes a statement about your style and good taste.

If ambiance is important to you, curved glass creates a breeziness or flow that wood corner cuts cannot match. And whether you believe in the Feng Shui philosophy or not, one cannot argue the fact that glass often makes for good, sound design.

It’s all about creating the most inviting space for you. Think about the decorative elements that bring you the most pleasure and then visit the Bassett Furniture store nearest you. You’re sure to find the glass coffee table that suits your living room decor just right.

If you prefer, shop online. Either way, you’re guaranteed the top quality and service synonymous with the Bassett Furniture name for over 100 years.

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