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10 best baby chairs and baby rockers

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Buying a baby chair is a good investment – you get some hands-free time and your baby is entertained (hopefully).

platform rocker


There are many different chairs that offer different features and benefits, some have recline positions and most come with a mobile or toy bar to keep little ones entertained.

baby rocker


Price-wise, you’re likely to find a chair to suit any budget; from the top of the range all singing, all dancing models to the most basic of chairs, (probably like you had as a baby.)

baby rocker recliner


  • Remember the 2-hour rule
  • So what types of baby chairs are there?
  • Rockers are usually suitable from birth until about 6 months and have slanted bases so that you can rock your baby girl gently while she lies in the chair. The rocking motion can help to soothe some babies, and most rockers enable you to just give it a nudge with your toe to set it moving.

    gliding rocker


    Bouncers can sit newborns and babies until they can sit upright, which is usally about 6 months. They are flexible enough to moves slightly when you push down or when your baby kicks as she gets older. Bouncers usually have a toy bars, ideal for keeping your baby entertained while you get things done. And they can come in handy feeding seat for when you begin weaning.

    Swing chairs are ideal if your baby will only settle when she’s being rocked or walked back and forth. Usually suitable from birth, this type of chair can normally be used until your child is about 6-months-old.

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