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Bedroom : bed without headboard offering the cozy taste and flexible decor – home decoration

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Guys, let me give different touch in your bedroom. Your room will change and seen more flexible with the bed without headboard. Certainly, it keeps has cozy taste such as the usual design. Maybe, the taste is more fantastic. Okay, can I start it now? Imagine this serenity loft bedroom is yours. I fill it with the tropical themed low item. Such as you know, it uses dark brown wood frame propping the grey and white bedding sets. Then, the wall above is adorned with framed paintings. Besides that, the furniture thing is combined with side table and rack. Yeah, I see it balance to the interior space color scheme.

solid wood loft bed


Next, I show you the small light blue bedroom idea. In minimalist floor plan, I put the modest large bed without headboard. The location is under window which has white curtains. Definitely, the window treatment also adorns the bed which has grey upholstered frame and white mattress. Here, it mixes the twin dark brown wood nightstand shelves and floor flower vase. Alright, you are offered with the snazzy style from the yellow bedroom tone. It is adorned with the adorable color quilt and lamp shades. Well, it is proven that the beds without headboard are cool and keep cozy. In the other hand, it makes you more creative.

wood twin loft bed


You can see bed without headboard offering the cozy taste and flexible decor ideas through the images below.

white wood loft bed


loft bed wood


twin wood loft bed


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