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The best king size mattress

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Alright, let’s get this started. Rewind a bit to 2009. I was in college, my father helped me buy a Queen semi-firm mattress from Sam’s and box spring. That’s what I’d been using for 7+ years until about 2 weeks ago. My partner and I had been sleepin on it as well for about 3 years, so it began to sink in the middle, very common in spring mattresses that have seen a lot of use. The earlier part of this year I began sleepwalking and talking. Weird, I know. I wasn’t getting a full night’s sleep. MAYBE 4-5 hours a night. I was exhausted, tired, a zombie during the day. I could never get comfortable at night and was tossing and turning. He was too, so we’d keep waking each other up and it was just a cyclical seventh circle of hell every night for a few months. He suffers from some back and shoulder pain so needless to say, we were pretty desperate for awhile.

king bed


One day I was online and saw an ad for the Casper mattress. The ad was minimal, fresh, and trendy. Of course a sleep deprived Millennial like myself clicked on it. My partner had hinted awhile back that maybe we should get a new mattress, so I sent it to him. We’d been wanting to upgrade to a King sized mattress, but honestly the price range for a lot of the brick-and-mortar stores was out of our range. The price of a Casper king is and was attractive. We had a referral code as well. Free shipping, too? What was the catch? Was this thing made of marshmallows?

super king size bed frame


We soon found out there wasn’t a catch. This product is genuine. We ordered and 3, maybe 4, days later it was on our doorstep. The box is about 80-90lbs for a king, so we teamed up and carried it upstairs. I had an adjustable bed frame, and we used wooden planks for our support since we didn’t want to spend money on 2 twin XL box springs.

super king size bed


We’ve been sleeping on it about a week so far and I’ve slept a full 8 hours every night. In fact, the sleep I’ve gotten has been SO good, that I was late to work 4-5 days last week. But it’s not Casper’s problem that I don’t want to leave their bed now.

king bed frame


Also, it’s cute looking.

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