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The smart kitchen sink cabinet allows double roll out trash storage under the sink

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Why can’t kitchen designers, sink manufacturers and the general public recognize the dishwasher? I must say, I have no clue. The modern dishwasher cleans all dishes, glasses, silverware and most pots and pans, does it not? About the only items a dishwasher will not handle are large cookie sheets, oversized pots and pans, and other large items. If this is true, why are sink manufacturers still designing old fashioned, double bowl sinks? Why are designers specifying them for today’s kitchens? Why does the public accept this? Again, I have no idea well I might have an idea as to why.

kitchen sink cabinet


Humans are notorious inventors. We have invented all kinds of things over the past 100 years. Humans are also very single minded most of the time. It is only a noted few who think outside the box. Those humans are called eccentric; sometimes they are kindly called visionaries. In any event, the vast population of humans is incredibly talented at refining inventions; few are talented or successful at changing paradigms. Allow me to illustrate.

base kitchen cabinets


  • Let’s take the automobile for example. I
  • believe Mercedes Benz was the very first
  • automobile invented, well over 100 years
  • ago. It not only amazes me, but it
  • frustrates me to realize that we are
  • still driving that same invention merely refined, not re-invented. We are still using a piston engine, gasoline sucking vehicle. Is there no one who can realize that this is 100 year old technology, and the time has come to make a radical change?

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