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Modern kitchen cabinets for modern kitchen remodel

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The Nordic design is a mix of 1960s style with modern kitchen cabinets and furniture. While the style can be seen outside of the kitchen, the minimalist feel is especially appropriate for the kitchen where you want to keep your space as clean and clear as possible. Walnut is a typical wood for this design, both for the cabinets and kitchen islands.

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Lower Lights

Not only is the minimalist look trending, but the addition of lights at the bottom of the cabinets is quickly becoming popular. This is a trend that has been seen in cubicles everywhere, but it only recently started becoming popular in the kitchen. The lower lights help to make it easier to see what you are doing while casting a new and appealing look on your modern kitchen cabinets.

modern wood kitchen cabinets


Strategic Details

One of the more interesting trends for kitchen cabinets is the move away from the frills and designs that tend to be associated with an older style of furniture. Modern kitchen cabinets are taking on a more solid and bold look. The lines are well defined and perpetuate the minimalist appearance of the Nordic design. This can come in paneling, a few geometric shapes, or just handles so that the door is strictly functional.

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Shaker Style

This is the optimal style if you want elegant wooden cabinets. They can give your kitchen a modern look today, but if you decide to remodel again in a few years they can easily fit into another style with very little alteration. That is because the Shaker Style lacks any of the ornate designs that date when a kitchen was last remodeled.

modern wood cabinets


White Many modern kitchen cabinets are white, which is easy to work into any existing design. It can give your kitchen a new look without having to completely redo everything at the same time. If all you are looking for is a fresh look, white cabinets may provide you with a new, positive perspective in the kitchen.

modern kitchen cabinets


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